What is PFC Every 3? The secret weight loss formula everyone can’t stop talking about

What is PFC Every 3? The secret weight loss formula everyone can’t stop talking about

Is it just me, or is everyone banging on about PFC Every 3 lately? So, you might be thinking: WTH is PFC Every 3?

Well, you’re not alone.

While not exactly new, per se, the weight loss formula seems to be gaining momentum of late, as more people start to credit it for its apparent weight loss and energy benefits.

What is PFC Every 3?

The unique formula is the brainchild of Mark MacDonald, author of Body Confidence.

Let’s break it down: PFC stands for the three main macronutrients – protein, fats, and carbs – and the ‘3’ means eating a balanced combination of each every three hours.

According to MacDonald, this way of eating is about creating hormonal balance, which leads to long-term weight loss, as it “balances your blood sugar, protects your muscles, and triggers your body to consistently release stored fat”.

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How does it promote weight loss?

MacDonald explains that by eating a combination of these three macronutrients in the right portion sizes and intervals, your blood sugar will remain balanced.

“Eating protein positively affects your blood sugar hormone glucagon (raises your blood sugar), eating carbs affects your blood sugar hormone insulin (lowers your blood sugar), and eating fat slows down the rate of digestion by inhibiting the release of HCL (your stomach acids).”

Doing this, your body becomes “a fat burning machine” by triggering the consistent release of your stored fat, which then gets burned in your muscle (“your body’s engine”).

What does eating PFC Every 3 actually look like?

MacDonald recommends dividing your plate into three equal portions of each macro nutrient, and then supplementing with “free foods”, which he says includes greens, like spinach and lettuce.

Here are some examples:

  • Eggs (protein + fat) Apple (carb)
  • Chicken (protein) Olive Oil to cook (Fat) Pasta and Veggies (carb)
  • Turkey (protein) Avocado (fat) Wrap + Fruit (carb)
  • Filet (protein + fat) Brown rice + asparagus (carb)

While PFC Every 3 certainly seems to have a growing fanbase, and may be worth trying, remember that every body is different.

What works for someone else, might not be your jam.