What a doctor wants you to know

What a doctor wants you to know

Unlike a lot of so-called ‘wellness influencers’ on Instagram, Dr Hazel Wallace knows what she’s talking about.

Not only is she a qualified medical doctor, she is also a personal trainer, nutritionist-in-training, Crossfit devotee, anti-dieter and chocolate lover. Her hugely successful website the Food Medic, to which she posts medically-sound advice, recipes and fitness-inspo, has 383,000 Instagram followers – and counting.

So the point is, when Dr Wallace offers advice – well frankly, we listen.

Which is why her post on cellulite has hit home: in which she exposes the belief that “cellulite is unhealthy” as a total myth.

“Fact: 90% of women of all shapes and sizes, and ethnicities have cellulite. It’s not a pathological condition, it’s physiological, which means it’s normal,” she captioned the image showing off her own cellulite to Instagram.

She also called out exercises, creams and supplements that claim to target cellulite as “total nonsense” with “no evidence for efficacy”, urging followers not to waste their money.

“I understand that for some people it can cause a cosmetic concern but hopefully this post will act as a little reminder that: a) Most of us have it; b) it’s not unhealthy; c) and repeat after me: My fitness is not determined by my appearance.”

Well, you heard the woman, repeat: My fitness is not determined by my appearance.

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