‘We lost 53cm of fat in 26 days without starving ourselves’

‘We lost 53cm of fat in 26 days without starving ourselves’

My husband, Rob, and I used to exercise seven days a week because we thought that was the way to stop the weight creep as we moved towards our 40’s. But it wasn’t working.

My weight has yo-yo-ed since having kids. I had fertility issues and it took us three years to conceive Lukin, our eldest. Every expert we saw told me to stop exercising because I was ‘too fit’. It didn’t make much sense to me, but I was willing to do anything so I stopped exercising, pumped myself with the drugs they gave me and watched as my body turned into something I didn’t recognise.

Thinking back, I’ve been on this never ending cycle ever since; fit, run down, fit, injured, fit, run down. I always put the weight on easily and had a much harder time taking it off.

Rob and I decided to do the Slim By Nature program because we needed to try something different.

We used to eat stir fries, homemade curries, salads, high fat protein smoothies, meat, and vegetables. We were in the habit of having treats because we were training so much and weren’t drinking enough water.

We technically knew how to look after ourselves, but we needed Slim By Nature to give us a plan to follow with products to support the results. From here on, we’ll do short detoxes a few times a year.

In 26 days I went from 74.4kg to 64.4kg, lost 31 cm from my body and 11cm from my waist. Rob was 112.6kg, he’s now 99.6kg and has lost 22.5cm from his body.

It taught us about eating the right foods, what our bodies need to function and not what we want to eat.

We are both avid exercisers with a history of playing spot at a high level. Fitness is a core value of ours, so to sacrifice workouts during the program was a big ask but the reset means our bodies are so much more efficient. Our muscles have rested, repaired and it’s allowed us to become stronger than ever.

Rob said giving up exercise was particularly painful, but he sent me a message yesterday saying it was all worth it and he feels amazing.

I started doing light exercise again in week two, round two of the program and my muscle rebuild was insane. My kids are aged seven and four, and the last time I looked like this – and weighed this – was pre kids. Even then, I was calorie counting and running a lot.

This is what we used to eat;

  • Breakfast – Smoothie with peanut butter, spinach and banana made with high fat almond and coconut milk; coffee with milk
  • Mid morning snack – Yoghurt and muesli; coffee with milk
  • Lunch – Sandwich and left over dinner; coffee with milk
  • Afternoon snack – Lots of almonds and cashews
  • Dinner – Curry and rice or meat, potatoes and pasta
  • Dessert – Chocolate and pastries

This is what we eat now;

  • Breakfast – Herbal tea; Slim By Nature detox drops
  • Mid morning snack – Black coffee; apple
  • Lunch – Slim by Nature drops; chicken and broccoli; two crispbreads
  • Afternoon snack – Orange
  • Dinner – Red meat or a protein with vegetable