Tiff Hall’s EASY, no-nonsense trick to making a lifestyle change stick

Tiff Hall’s EASY, no-nonsense trick to making a lifestyle change stick

So, we’re already a week into 2021 if you can believe it. How are those resolutions coming along? If they’re already beginning to fizzle out, Tiffiny Hall has a better solution for you.

It’s already a week into January, which means the average New Year’s resolution has about a month left of life. So many diet or fitness overhauls fail by mid-February, and renowned personal trainer Tiffiny Hall knows exactly why.

“The all-or-nothing attitude is where people trip up,” she tells Body+Soul in an episode of our Healthy-Ish podcast.

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Using a personal anecdote, Tiff explains that she knew she was “stressing out” her adrenal glands—where the body produces the hormone cortisol to regulate blood pressure, the sleep/wake cycle, and issues the fight-or-flight response—by having too much coffee.

“Instead of cutting out coffee because I knew that was not realistic, I simply swapped three coffees with some bone broth… Just a simple swap and that really helped me, rather than the mindset of deprivation.”

She also touted a genius trick to making getting you back on the horse if you temporarily fall off: a three-hour reset rule that she personally lives by.

“It means every three to four hours is a brand-new day,” she says.

“So if I start the day healthy and I set a healthy intention by doing some exercise and then, perhaps, I have a muffin with my coffee… I don’t go, ‘Oh, the whole day’s blown,’ I just think that in three hours, I’m going to reset.”

She adds: “It usually coincides with a new meal, so lunch is going to be a healthy meal, reset, with lots of water… It means I don’t lose a day, a week, a month.”