These high fat foods are stopping you from losing weight

These high fat foods are stopping you from losing weight

Of all the diets out there, the relatively quick weight loss associated with keto can make it much more appealing than traditional weight loss regimes.

Whilst keto can achieve significant drops on the scales in relatively short amounts of time, the reality is that keeping carbs as low as they need to be to actually achieve ketosis, along with the right mix of macronutrients, is not always easy.

So if you’re failing to achieve ketosis but aren’t sure why, these foods may be derailing your attempts.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is frequently touted as a superfood in the world of keto.

As a fat, it is often assumed that coconut oil can be consumed in unlimited amounts without negatively impacting one’s state of ketosis.

While this is somewhat true, you can’t consume unlimited calories on keto and still lose weight.

So if you’re using lashings of coconut oil in your cooking and baking, your overall calorie intake may be too high to induce weight loss.

The average female on keto will require between 100-150g of fat per day to maintain keto and when you consider that a single tablespoon of any type of oil contains 20g of fat, you are likely to need only two or three tablespoons of extra oil per day.

Any more than this may be sending your calories through the roof, which explains why the scales are not moving.

2. Diet soft drink

While diet drinks are sugar and calorie free, there is some evidence to show that they can impact insulin levels, and also your cravings for sweet food.

While this may not have a direct impact on your state of ketosis, it may interfere with your weight loss and ability to stick to your keto regime.

If your ultimate goal is to use keto for weight loss, stick to water, black tea or coffee and low sugar kombucha when it comes to your daily drinks of choice.

3. Keto snacks

Just because a packaged bar, ball, chip or snack says that it is keto or keto friendly does not mean that it is keto friendly for you.

High fat, processed snacks may be better options that high carb snacks for those wanting to maintain ketosis, but they can often be packed full of extra proteins and calories which can impact your ketosis.

No matter what dietary regime you are following, fresh, unprocessed snacks will always be a better choice than processed varieties. As a bonus, it makes it much easier to track the macros you need to stick to for ketosis.

4. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are exceptionally good for us – they contain a natural mix of good fats, protein and fibre. A handful of nuts are a smart daily addition to any diet.

The issue with nuts and maintaining keto is that they’re exceptionally easy to overeat, especially if you are in the habit of grabbing a handful too frequently.

A handful of nuts contains close to 200 calories. Being high in fat, they support your ketosis but if you grab handfuls a few times a day, chances are you’ll be eating too many calories.

By all means enjoy your nuts and seeds, but once a day will be more than enough to keep you in ketosis.

5. Dates and honey

While dates and honey are frequently used to make a range of paleo and keto friendly snacks, the reality is that these foods are still sugars.

They’ll take you out of ketosis if they’re a regular part of your diet.

When choosing keto foods, pay attention to the ingredient lists to make sure that these ‘healthy’ sugars aren’t stealthily slipping into your regime.

Susie Burrell is a dietitian and nutritionist. Continue the conversation on Twitter @SusieBDiet.