The science is in, a strong coffee before the gym significantly increases fat burning

The science is in, a strong coffee before the gym significantly increases fat burning

We all want to know the secret to more efficient, faster fat burning. Now a new study says coffee is the key.

Coffee drunk half an hour before a workout could significantly increase the rate of fat burning, according to a new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Researchers from the University of Granada examined how caffeine before an aerobic workout could increase fat oxidisation. They also compared results from morning to afternoon workouts.

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Remarkably, fat oxidisation increased by 10.7 percent in the morning and a whopping 29 percent in the afternoon after consuming a strong coffee half an hour before their 30-minute workout.

The reason for this, they hypothesise, is that endurance performance peaks in the afternoon, usually coinciding with the highest core body temperature reached during the day, which increases energy metabolism and improves muscle function.

“Overall, these results suggest that a combination of acute caffeine intake and exercise at moderate intensity in the afternoon provides the best scenario for individuals seeking to increase whole-body fat oxidation during aerobic exercise,” the authors wrote.

Something to note is that the sample size is TINY: 15 ‘active’ men with an average age of 32. But the results are promising, nonetheless.

It’s important to acknowledge that this probably only applies to black coffee. Once you add milk or sugar, its effectiveness will be compromised. So that’s a no to that latte.

Also, remember that caffeine dehydrates you, so water intake throughout a strenuous workout is an absolute non-negotiable.