Satiating diet might burn fat better then going low carb

Satiating diet might burn fat better then going low carb

It’s time to make that exclusive relationship you have with your butcher more of a casual thing as you step away from the keto diet.

Rather than gorging on meat, ignoring carbs and feeling more than a little dissatisfied with the contents of your meals, a new scientific approach recommends filling up on nutritious ingredients that actually fill you up.

Welcome to the “satiating diet.”

According to Shirin Panahi, PhD, this is a simple way to manage weight without restricting or eliminating entire food groups.

Panahi’s report in Scientific American says this is “a diet constructed from healthy foods that are especially satiating; that is, foods that create feelings of fullness and satisfaction.”

This comprises ingredients that are high in protein, so you’ll still see your butcher, plus high fibre foods such as whole grains and lots of fruit and vegetables.

Also on the list are polyunsaturated fats such as those found in avocados, dairy products such as yoghurt for gut-boosting probiotics plus capsaicin, the compounds that makes chilli spicy and helps boost metabolism.

“What’s so special about these foods it’s that each of them possesses specific characteristics that benefit our health either by decreasing hunger, reducing body fat, lowering blood sugar, improving blood pressure or increasing metabolism,” explains Panahi.

It sounds a lot like sensible eating, but the key is combining all these aspects into one nutrition plan.

“What if we took all of these key components and combined them into one diet as an approach to manage weight? That’s exactly what our team did at Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada,” Panahi says.

“As a nutritional researcher there, I have spent years trying to understand how what we eat affects appetite, body weight and metabolic health over the lifespan. We took foods containing most of these components and created what we called a ‘highly satiating diet.’”

Panahi cites a 2017 study where participants followed a satiating diet with 20-25% protein versus a normal diet with 10-15% protein and found those on the satiating eating plan lost more weight, felt fuller and were more motivated to stick to the diet.

So you’ll still be mates with your butcher, just maybe not BFFs anymore.