Sam Wood on diet myths that worry him: Calorie counting, fad diets

Sam Wood on diet myths that worry him: Calorie counting, fad diets

Do this, don’t do that… losing weight can all get a bit confusing and too often we reach for the quick fixes that see us back at square one in a matter of time.

So, to help you better understand weight loss, I’m sharing the 10 myths you need to stop believing.

1. You don’t need to break the bank to get in shape

Forget the fancy gyms, the shakes, pills and weight loss potions. If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off you need to move your body every day and eat real food in sensible portions. It’s not always going to be easy but it can be simple.

2. Your technique and your choice of exercise is more important than the weight

Make sure you are following a good program and choosing a challenging resistance where the exercise can still be executed properly. Too many people do the wrong exercise with the wrong weight.

3. Ladies, lifting weights won’t make you bulky

You simply don’t have the same hormonal makeup as men to gain muscle in the way that they do. Instead, you will build lean muscle and tone and shape your body like you’ve never seen before. The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest. Don’t resist the resistance!

4. Don’t overestimate how many calories you’re burning

We all over estimate how many calories we burn by around 20 per cent.

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5. Don’t underestimate how many calories you’re eating

We all underestimate the amount of calories we consume by around 20 per cent.

6. Variety really is key

Variety and consistency will beat volume any day of the week. 28-minutes every day with a routine consisting of some high intensity workouts and others that are more recovery and mobility focused is key. Keep your body guessing to keep it progressing.

7. Just because it’s in vogue doesn’t mean it’s right

No sugar, no fat, low fat, no carb, keto, celery juice…. there’s always some new diet out there claiming to be the ticket to perfect health. You need to stop looking for the magic bullet and accept that the only way to truly be fit and healthy is to move your body daily (this doesn’t always have to be high intensity) and eat real food in sensible portions.

8. Quality of workouts will beat quantity

Would you rather have 3-4 quality 30-minute workouts or spend an hour and a half exercising, 7 days a week? I know what I’d choose.

9. Sometimes sleep should take priority

Yep, there are times when catching zzz’s is more important than chasing PBs. Sleep is vital for recovery and has a direct impact on the hormones that control appetite and weight regulation.

10. All or nothing ends in nothing

Sustainability is key when it comes to health and fitness. My motto? Progress not perfection. Too many people are all or nothing and although they might get great results for a week or two, this is never sustainable and they always end up back where they started or worse.

Sam Wood is the founder of fitness program 28 by Sam Wood.