Sam Wood has 5 hard to argue with reasons why winter is the perfect time to lose weight

Sam Wood has 5 hard to argue with reasons why winter is the perfect time to lose weight

Despite the cooler weather tempting you to stay huddled up inside, winter might actually be the time of year to see the best results. Sam Wood shares his top tips for keeping your motivation up, and getting the best possible results.

For someone who has a program that’s all about training at home, some of the best results I’ve ever seen have definitely been achieved through winter.

I know it’s tempting to snooze the alarm and stay curled up in the warmth of your bed – but if you’re always waiting for perfect conditions, you’ll never get the results you’re after. Winter is a time of year with less social events on the calendar, and less distractions generally, and many people take good advantage of this.

Here are my top tips to help you power through winter and ensure you have the body you are looking for by spring.

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1. Lose the booze

Alcohol can hinder results and unfortunately, even if you do eat an incredibly clean diet, too much alcohol is likely to slow your progress and even lead to weight gain. Take advantage of the lower amounts of socialising, skip the booze and thank yourself come spring.

2. Workout from home

To get good results, you need to be consistent. The beauty of home workouts is they are quick, efficient and you don’t have to leave the house. With no excuses, you will get them done more often than not.

3. Set goals

I get it, it can be hard to stay motivated when it’s freezing cold. That’s why goal setting is so important. Goals provide focus and direction and if you don’t know where you’re going, that’s where you’ll end up. Make sure your goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) and tell someone about them to keep you accountable.

4. Embrace winter foods

There are so many healthy but hearty options to warm you up during winter, keep you satisfied and ensure you aren’t undoing your great work with unhealthy comfort foods. Think porridge, warm salads, veggie packed soups and healthy twists on winter favourites like pastas and curries.

5. Start now

If you wait until the weather warms up, you are putting yourself under unnecessary pressure to get results fast. Quick fixes do not lead to sustainable, long-term results and often take you back to square one – or worse, a few steps behind. Buckle down now, stay focused, practice good willpower and you will start spring strong enough to have your best body by summer.

Sam Wood is a fitness expert and founder of training program 28 by Sam Wood.