‘I lost 15kg and still ate pasta nearly everyday’

Anna Goodman made a few minor changes to her diet and exercise routine, that led to her impressive 15 kgs weight loss transformation.  Before her incredible weight loss transformation, Anna Gooden thought she was doing all the right things when it came to her health but was still not seeing any results. “I exercised almost…Read More

‘I lost 38kg eating 6 meals a day’

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‘I lost 42kg without going hungry once’

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What Dr Libby wants you to know about the 16:8 diet

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‘I lost 18kg in 8 weeks by quitting snacking’

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‘I lost 37kg without cutting out carbs or sugar’

Before Angie embarked on her impressive weight loss journey, she was 40kg overweight and unhappy with her situation. The mother-of-two started feeling pain in her back after having her second child. Many GP visits later she was diagnosed with a disc bulge. She had her first spinal surgery in 2014, but a few years down…Read More