Candice Warner gained 5kg of muscle doing SAS training

The former Ironwoman says she’s smaller but stronger than ever and is about to be put through her paces on Channel 7’s new fitness reality show.  After she gave birth to her third child Isla Rose, Candice Warner says she’d “pretty much lost all [her] strength”. In an interview with, the former Ironwoman says…Read More

‘I gave up snacking and lost 12kg in lockdown’

Once Natalie Sarah gave up her unhealthy snacking habits, she saw the weight fall off. Here, she shares all her diet and exercise secrets. Once Natalie Sarah started studying and working full-time, she put her health on the side bench. She would come home starving after a busy day and would end up binge eating…Read More

The Noom diet was one of the most Googled diets

This weight loss app has been called the Weight Watchers of our generation. Getting healthy is generally a recurring theme on most peoples’ New Year’s resolutions. But where to start? We’d know better than most the sheer number of approaches to weight loss that’s out there. From the occasional fad diets that offer more risk…Read More

F45 tips to lose weight when you’ve plateaued

F45 sport nutritionist Kim Bowman, shares how to hit your goal weight when you’ve reached a weight-loss plateau.  Pushing through your workouts, staying consistent with quality nutrition but just can’t seem to hit your goal weight? If this sounds like you, then it’s likely you may have hit a weight loss plateau. While this can…Read More

‘I lost 47kg after giving up alcohol’

Michele is also walking six days a week, sometimes even twice a day now that Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions have eased. At 117kg, Michele’s portion control “was out of control,” she tells Body+Soul. “I saw a photo of myself from behind at a wedding in early 2019 and thought I do not want to have back…Read More