Mum loses 34kg and 10% body fat without giving up carbs

Mum loses 34kg and 10% body fat without giving up carbs

Tammy Capper struggled with her body image for as long as she could remember.

“I felt very insecure about the way I looked and was not a very confident person,” she tells body+soul.

As the number on the scales escalated as a result of her poor eating habits, her confidence spiralled downhill further.

“I didn’t like the way I looked at all. I would never go to the beach and never put swimming costumes on either.

But as much as she wanted to make changes to her overall health, Tammy could never find the energy to do anything about it.

“I felt very tired all the time, I had no energy and I would just go to work and then flop when I got home,” the mother-of-two recalls.

As a result, she turned to food for comfort and avoided all exercise because she “didn’t want to draw attention to [herself]”.

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But weighing in at 100kg, Tammy simply had enough.

“I wanted to be the best version of myself and I knew that right then I was not the best version.

“I wanted to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I wanted to be confident, I wanted to look great at 43 and I wanted my husband to be proud of me and my kids.”

It was then and there when Tammy decided to turn her life around.

Nine short months later and Tammy is 34kg lighter, has lost 10 per cent body fat and is finally the confident person she always aspired to be.

Here’s how she did it…

Tammy’s diet

Tammy said goodbye to her large food portions and takeaway meals, but it didn’t mean she resorted to fad diets either. Instead, she signed up to Lite n’ Easy’s 120 Calorie Meal Plan.

“I wanted something that would be easy to follow that was real food and was already prepared for me. I just had to be disciplined with it and follow the meal plan that was sent to me.”

Although she expected to feel hungry after reducing her calorie intake severely, Tammy was surprisingly “always full.”

“I was so surprised that I was not hungry. I think the best thing is that you feel like you’re eating all the time and you have something to eat every three hours.”

Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her

  • Breakfast: Cereal with almond milk, yoghurt and a cup of tea.
  • Morning snack: A coffee with almond milk.
  • Lunch: Sweet chilli beef with crispy Thai salad plus strawberries.
  • Afternoon snack: Handful of nuts.
  • Dinner: Tasmanian salmon pasta.

Her workout routine

Tammy went from feeling too insecure to step foot in a gym, to sweating it out at her local gym three times a week.

“Now that I have lost the weight I feel more confident at places like my local gym.”

“I also have a personal trainer as I wanted to make sure I am doing to exercises correctly and get the most out of my sessions.”

She then fits in a 30 minute walk every other day.

“I now know that it is important to fit in exercise every day if you can.”

Tammy on the biggest challenge

Tammy admits she’s “gained about 5kg” over the past couple of months, however she hasn’t let that thought mentally affect her.

“Having a few bad days of eating can make you feel like you’ve gone off track… being disciplined and taking responsibility for you health can really sift into other parts of your life,” she explains.

“It not only benefitted my health, but has also made me a more confident person in all areas of my life. For me, it’s really important to look and feel my best – it makes me feel more in control with my life.”

Tammy’s advice to others

“You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you,” Tammy adds. “This may mean different things to different people but I think being a healthy weight for your age and taking time in your day to do exercise that you enjoy, helps you in so many ways.

“You need to really look at yourself honestly and ask whether you are in good shape – are you taking responsibility for your health? We only have one body so we should really be looking after ourselves and investing in our health.