Low carb diet only healthy if it’s vegan, says cardiologist

Low carb diet only healthy if it’s vegan, says cardiologist

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about how the keto diet can help you lose weight.

The high-fat low-carb diet has dieters primarily noshing on animal products such as bacon and fatty meats, lashings of butter and even drinking cups of oil.

It sounds pretty unhealthy, which begs us to question its legitimacy: while its weight loss benefits have been proven time and time again, how healthy is the trendy diet for your overall health?

Past President of the American College of Cardiology, Dr Kim Williams, previously started in an interview with Plant Based News (PBN) that no one should do the diet unless they are more concerned about weight loss than their overall health. But now, Williams has clarified his statement – adding another caveat. In an interview with PBN, Williams has warned that the keto diet can only be healthy – as long as its vegan.

“I would modify what I said,” he revealed. “There was a great article published in September in Lancet Public Health that supported what I was saying apart from one thing, and I would always like to put the caveats in there if they are based in good hard science.

“That caveat was, if you’re doing a ketogenic diet with plants, it is not unsafe. And so when I said no one should be doing a ketogenic diet, if I’d had two months of advance notice, I would have said no one should be doing a ketogenic diet with animal products.”

“It turns out it does decrease mortality, and it does make perfect sense that if you have something like a ketogenic diet that can lower your weight, and can improve your diabetes, and where you’re not adding plaque and cholesterol, and heme iron, trimethylamine, and IGF-1 in large quantities and all of the things that happen when you’re eating an animal-based diet, that you would have good long-term outcome,” he added. “So maybe a ketogenic diet would be ok – as long as you’re not eating animals.”