‘I’ve lost 9 percent body fat without meal planning’

‘I’ve lost 9 percent body fat without meal planning’

For this veterinarian, meal prep was difficult to juggle with her long work hours, but she still managed to lose close to 9 percent body fat.

Renée definitely tried to exercise at least three times a week, but the demands of her job as a veterinarian meant sometimes, she was working up to 70 hours. She was tired, unmotivated and as such, it was hard to keep a consistently healthy diet.

“Most dinners during the week would be meat and vegetables of some sort, usually large portions, and then snacks and ice cream. Some days I would eat so much at night as I hadn’t had time to eat properly during the working day,” she says.

“I would order takeaway quite a few nights a week. I would order it to get delivered as I arrived home or get takeaway from somewhere convenient close to my house and generally takeaway one night on the weekends.”

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It wasn’t just the long hours, but the 35-year-old was moving a lot due to work. Stress, late nights, and an overall lack of motivation were responsible for her heaviest weight: 66kg.

Finally settling in Brisbane, Renée met the team at F45 and due to the fact that the team was “were fun, high energy and there was such a great vibe in the studio,” she decided to take on the F45 Challenge, which is a holistic nutrition and training program designed.

Now that exercise was taken care of, her diet was the next thing to overhaul. Renée’s busy work and study schedule make it difficult to meal prep and plan, so she tried out My Muscle Chef; healthy, prepared meals that cater to a wide range of nutritional needs.

“They’ve been super convenient taking away many hours of grocery shopping and meal prepping which I utilised for study and improving my sleeping patterns to get up early to go to the gym,” she says.

The first few weeks were a struggle “without a doubt” recalls Renée but keeping herself accountable through the F45 app helped her stay on track, particularly ensuring she was drinking enough water.

Relationships she’s built thanks to the challenge have been a particularly notable motivator when the going got tough.

“Building friendships with other F45’ers and the trainers kept me going and showing up to classes in those early hours of the morning,” she says.

After completing her initial F45 challenge (which appropriately goes for 45 days), Renée lost 4.3kg, 8.8 percent body fat, and gained 1.3kg in muscle.

Her weekdays begin at 5.30am to do F45, while “on weekends I have a rest day and either go to the Saturday or Sunday class at F45 and sometimes go for a walk down the beach, horse ride or hike.”

“Mentally I feel more energised, buzzed after classes. I go to work in a happy mood and seeing the changes physically pushed me more,” she says.

“I’ve also learnt how easy it is to keep on track when including convenient options like My Muscle Chef, which makes counting and working out calories, macros, and protein so much easier.”

Renée’s advice to fellow unmotivated folks out there is to start small: “Give yourself small goals and targets to keep motivated, if you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean your week is ruined, tomorrow is a new day to rest and get moving and choose healthy options.”