‘I went from clothing size 22 to 14 doing SpeedFit once a week’

‘I went from clothing size 22 to 14 doing SpeedFit once a week’

No matter what diet or exercise program Sally Suttie tried in order to lose weight, she always ended up putting more weight on.

“I just thought that was it,” she tells body+soul. “I couldn’t do anything about changing it as I had tried so many diets and exercise program over the years with some success, but only to put it back on, and more, afterwards.”

She gave up all hope and accepted the fact that she was “just going to be fat at 50.”

“I had done no exercise for about 8 months after quitting the gym,” Sally explains. “This and poor diet, influenced by the pressure of everyday life and full-time work prompted the weight gain.”

Standing at 169cm, the 50-year-old was “mortified” when she weighed in at 110kg.

“I wore size 20-22 clothes, which was very depressing.”

However, her husband decided to take action. He took her along to SpeedFit to use their EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology. 10 months later and she’s now 22kg lighter, and fits into size 14-16 clothes.

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Sally’s workout

EMS technology sends painless electronic impulses to muscles, causing them to contract. In one 20-minute workout, 95 per cent of your muscles are engaged – without the need for any weights.

It’s an effective solution for busy people, just like Sally.

For her, a typical week of exercise now involves one SpeedFit session along with a few short walks.

“The only other exercise we do other than SpeedFit is walking as it’s hard to make time for any other exercise with our work,” she explains.

“But we have noticed we can walk faster and longer after doing SpeedFit for some months.”

Moreover, she claims she’s seen improvements in her strength and fitness levels like never before. It’s also healed her lower back and hip pain, which she’s suffered with for years.

“I found the more I did it, my back didn’t hurt anymore.” This was the motivation she needed to continue on her health journey.

Sally’s diet

She firstly cut out all alcohol and sugar from her diet for the first two months. Once she adapted other healthy eating habits, she gradually incorporated them back into her diet in small amounts.

“I explored different ways of cooking and try new ingredients to help find a healthier new way of eating,” she says.

This is what a typical day on a plate looks like to her now:

Breakfast: One slice of homemade sourdough bread, spinach and two eggs.

Lunch: Salad with protein, normally chicken.

Dinner: A piece of protein, vegetables and salad.

Snacks: A mixture of unsalted nuts such as almonds, walnuts and cashews.

Since decreasing her sugar intake, Sally has found she doesn’t crave chocolate anymore.

Although making such drastic changes was initially a challenge, she now finds “it’s just a way of life and not a diet”, and understands healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore.

“Until it became habit, it was difficult to avoid temptation. It took time, but once we found meals we enjoyed and simple ways to cook, it has become a lifestyle.”

What she wants others to understand is that a healthy mindset and balanced approach to diet is the key to weight loss – regardless of how big or small.

“I’ve had a few splurges along the way because life is too short to not enjoy things,” she adds.

“Don’t give up and just try and find something that suits your lifestyle.”