‘I tried Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ diet for a day’

‘I tried Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ diet for a day’

Fitness YouTuber Aseel Soueid decided to put Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ diet to the test, which saw him consuming six meals in one day totalling to almost 4,000 calories, all while doing intermittent fasting.

Celebrities go to extremes to get into shape. There was one writer who tried JLo’s no sugar, no carb diet. Another who attempted Victoria Beckham’s health plan for a week, and didn’t last a day. And a third who gave Kourtney Kardashian’s strict keto diet for a week and surprisingly ended up loving it.

But you have extreme, and then you have EXTREME. Exhibit A: Hugh Jackman’s incredibly strict diet he followed while prepping for his ‘Wolverine’ role. And Fitness YouTuber Aseel Soueid learnt how challenging Jackman’s Wolverine diet was when he put it to the test.

Documenting his experience in a YouTube video, Soueid had to consume six meals in one day, which added up to almost 4,000 calories. To make matters more gruelling, he had to consume this within an eight hour window since Jackman also did intermittent fasting while training for the role.

In the video, Soueid breaks his fast at 2pm with two fried eggs and a cup of oatmeal with a cup of blueberries for breakfast. Immediately after finishing breakfast, he starts preparing his pre-workout meal: a 10-ounce sirloin steak, one cooked sweet potato, a cup of steamed broccoli and half a cup of Greek salad made with a tablespoon of olive oil.

An hour after finishing his meal, he heads to the gym for a Wolverine-style weight training session.

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He then sits down for his post-workout meal, the third meal of the day: a six-ounce boneless and skinless cooked chicken breast, one cup of brown rice and another half a cup of Greek salad made with one tablespoon of olive oil.

Meal number four comprises of two servings (or half a cup) of nuts and a protein shake made with one scoop of protein powder.

“The time is ticking and the meal window is coming to a close so I need to speed things up,” he says.

Almost immediately after finishing his afternoon snack, Soueid gets on to making meal number five: six-ounces of cooked tilapia (a white lean fish), 100g avocado, one cup of steamed broccoli and “yet again”, a third and final serving of Greek salad made with one tablespoon of olive oil.

“I’m already getting super full because the eating window is so small because of the intermittent fasting, but we are going to pummel through,” he comments.

In “just a moment” he consumes the sixth and final meal of two more servings of mixed nuts, before the 10pm cut off period.

“It’s a really good thing nuts are super caloric dense because I couldn’t do almost 400 calories of a super clean meal so this is good, however I’m so full.”

Souied’s total macro count at the end of the eight-hour eating window are as follows:

  • Calories: 3,878
  • Carbs: 241g
  • Fat: 234g
  • Protein: 238g
  • Sodium: 3,186mg
  • Fibre: 54g

“It honestly felt like I ate over 5,000 calories today, just because when you pair up intermittent fasting with a tonne of wholesome, filling and nutritious clean meals, it’s going to feel like you’re eating a lot more than you actually are.”

He concludes, warning following Jackman’s exact Wolverine diet won’t necessarily get you the same results as Jackman himself. “You’re going to need to figure out your own calorie intake and your own personalised carb, protein and fat intake. That’s going to take you one step towards your fitness goals.”