‘I transformed my body and lost 4kg in a month still eating chocolate’

‘I transformed my body and lost 4kg in a month still eating chocolate’

Beth’s incredible body transformation is proof that you don’t need to diet or workout excessively to lose weight in a short period of time. Here she reveals the diet and exercise changes she made to lose 4kg in a month.

Beth thought she was healthy, but it was the constant snacks and weekend cheat meals that caused her to gain 14kg in a year.

“I would normally eat relatively healthy during the week, but I would snack a lot, especially at work and after dinner,” she tells body+soul. “I had a lot of extra food in my day, like juices and chocolate biscuits that would all add up. I would also eat a bit of junk food, especially on weekends.”

To add to this, Beth would find herself indulging in fried foods and chocolate when she was tired, stressed or bored.

“I had gone from about 62kgs in 2016 to 76kgs in 2017, so I was horrified,” the 21-year-old recalls.

She tried countless exercise programs to lose the weight, but only found them to have a short-term effect.

Although sceptical to trying out another program, she signed up to 28 by Sam Wood after hearing positive feedback and reading about other people’s long-term weight loss success.

One month after she signed up and she lost 4kg. Beth is now motivated enough to work towards her goal weight of 60kg.

Here are the lifestyle changes she made in just 4 weeks.

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Beth’s diet

Beth knew the first step to losing weight was to overhaul her bad snacking habits.

“I have completely cut down my junk food consumption so it’s much rarer for me to have it now, and I also try not to overeat it when I do.”

At first she suffered from “sugar withdrawal headaches”, but she was determined to stick to her new eating habits.

“It was hard at first to not have chocolate biscuits at 3pm and have ice-cream after dinner, but I’m used to it now and once you start seeing results, it’s a lot easier to stay on track.”

Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her now

Breakfast: Coffee with a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

Lunch: Salad or healthy stir-fry with protein in it.

Dinner: A healthy meal from the 28 by Sam Wood program.

Snacks: Veggie sticks with hummus, or a piece of fruit.

Dessert: Hot chocolate, or strawberries with a teaspoon of Nutella.

Beth’s workout routine

Getting active every day has become a lifestyle, not a chore.

“I follow the 28 Program Monday to Friday, usually take a rest day on one weekend day and go for a run on the other,” Beth explains. “Sometimes I will also run mid-week, but not always.”

She also tries to hit her 10,000 step count daily.

Beth on the biggest lesson learnt

Beth cannot stress the importance of setting small, achievable goals to maintain consistency.

“It’s a lot easier if you make lots of small, sustainable changes instead of trying to overhaul your entire life all at once. Cutting back on unhealthy food and trying to exercise daily are very manageable and is definitely a lifestyle change rather than a quick-fix diet.”

She also wants you to know that no one’s weight loss success comes without setbacks.

“Try to stay consistent and don’t lose motivation when you plateau. You won’t always lose weight and you can’t expect it to fall off you all at once. You’ll see results if you are patient and consistent.”