‘I lost 9kg and cured my hypothyroidism with Kayla Itsines’ program’

‘I lost 9kg and cured my hypothyroidism with Kayla Itsines’ program’

A holiday inspired Komal to take charge of her health after breaking her back, finally losing weight and curing her hypothyroidism by downloading Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT app. 

Komal initially started her weight loss journey years ago, but an unforeseeable accident left her bedridden for months causing her to gain weight. Despite her broken back and the severe pain caused by it, she decided to change her sedentary lifestyle and jump back into her fitness goals. She went from her heaviest at 78 kilos to 10 kilos underweight.

But her lifestyle was not sustainable and the “results started fading off”.

“It became worse when I moved to Melbourne after my engagement. Changing countries has so much of an impact,” she explained to body+soul. “Sudden lifestyle changes in all areas of life like the difference in food, environment, friends, work etc affects how you feel and reflects on your body.”

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Komal’s sudden weight gain threw her into a panic, compounded by her newly-formed unhealthy weight loss habits. She explained, “I did not follow any food plans, but I used to do few “restrictive” days a week. I was getting scared of gaining the kilos back – the kilos I had lost working out each day at 5:30 AM without fail. I was afraid of getting fat.”

A holiday prompted Kormal to join the SWEAT community, starting with Kayla Itsines’ BBG program as the “BBG can be easily done in smallest of room space with few modifications.”

In 2016, Komal received good news about her healing back but also found out she had a “lot of vitamin deficiencies and had Hypothyroidism.” This further fueled her passion for wellness.

“With the amazing SWEAT community, I just wanted to keep up with fitness until I found a lifestyle I would love to follow through my whole life. I wanted to say bye-bye to all the fad diets which used to give temporary weight loss and permanent nutrition deficiencies,” she said.

It was at this moment that she felt like that “SWEAT app was just listening to my needs and launching new programs.” Komal is currently enjoying Chontel Duncan’s FIERCE program, as it pulled her out of a fitness plateau.

“There is more variety in her program than with any other programs. It has workouts that can be done in 25 minutes, so when I have less time I don’t skip workouts – but I choose the shortest workout from the week and do that.”

Komal’s diet

In an attempt to embrace a stable and healthy lifestyle, Komal adjusted her diet so she was eating what her body needed. I learned calorie deficiency works best for weight loss. Eating everything in moderation is the key. I’ve used macros to hit my nutritional goals using My Fitness Pal app.”

Komal says that “both workouts and diet go hand in hand” and she cured her hypothyroidism without taking any medication.

Komal’s typical Day on a Plate

Breakfast: “I start my day with banana/soaked raisins. Brekkie during my weight loss was anything made of one egg white, one egg, one teaspoon of ghee with wholemeal bread (I used the one with high fibre and iron), spinach or mushrooms. Or any Indian hot breakfast like poha or upma cooked in ghee. Or half an avocado with a toast, or a protein smoothie. I still eat the above sometimes, but mostly I now have started having “finger millet milk” with ayurvedic ingredients like ashwagandha and aatavri.”

Lunch: Yogurt, any curry, vegetarian sandwich or vegetarian rice with yogurt or earl millet.

Snacks: Homemade protein ball and cookies, protein shakes, fruit, a cheese slice, carrot, peanuts or dry fruits, a YoPro or a Whipd protein bar.

Dinner: Rice and yogurt or paneer paratha and yogurt, or curry with rice or Indian bread.

Dessert: Yogurt with chocolate chips, a Yopro yogurt, a protein smoothie, or warm milk with cashews.

“Once a week I eat waffle or pancake with dry fruits, strawberries or chocolate leak.”

Komal’s exercise routine

“I have a very active life and I try to go for walk during the week whenever possible,” she explained. Komal follows the FIERCE program on the SWEAT app. This is what her weekly workout schedule looks like:

Monday: Lower body

Tuesday: Upper body

Wednesday: Dance class

Thursday: Full Body

Friday: Yoga/Challenge/HIIT/LISS (depending on soreness)

Saturday: Full Body

Sunday: Recovery and Rest

Komal’s advice to others

Komal lost nine kilos in two years and six kilos of body fat in a year. She is more confident than ever – both physically and mentally. “Currently, I have not weighed myself for months as I am no longer focused on the weight loss on the scale.” She says fitness is a “lifestyle, you must develop that suits you.”

“Smile and accept the times you see no progress and still believe in the process and be persistent. Be consistent with workouts. Do a program that suits you, and that has weight training and cardio. Weight training is a must for a stronger body, and helps your joints to work well during cardio. Girls, you won’t look manly after weight training.”

As for her diet tips, she says no to skipping meals or fad diets. “Eat a wholesome diet which has carbs, protein, fats and fibre. Eating in moderation is the key which means eating a piece of chocolate every day is not going to harm your results.”

She wants other ladies out there to “BELIEVE”. “Be grateful to yourself and your body.”