‘I lost 70kg tracking my macros but never went hungry’

‘I lost 70kg tracking my macros but never went hungry’

Teri Vallely lost 70 kgs by keeping an eye on her macros and ultimately reversed her obesity before it became detrimental to her health. 

Before losing an impressive 70 kgs and embracing healthier food habits, Teri Vallely was eating as her heart desired which eventually led her to being morbidly obese.

“Foods prior to my weight loss journey included lots of chocolate, chips, takeaway food and coke soft drink. I also loved to cook and would make a lot of rich and cheesy pastas,” she explained to body+soul.

On top of her poor dietary choices, she was also steering clear of physical activity.

“I never really did any exercise and would try to avoid it. This would include trying hard to always get a car park at the shops as close to the entrance as possible.”

Vallely’s weight gain was prompted by the lack of personal accountability she held over what she was consuming on a daily basis.

“I wasn’t an overweight child, but as I entered into adulthood, I saw food as the answer to everything. So much so that when I moved out of home, I thought life had become one big party and would consistently eat foods that were processed and high in fat and sugar. I very quickly started to pile on the kilos, especially after I gave birth to my children,” she claimed.

She began to notice the numbers on the scale increasing and went on diets with no avail. Her weight was so damaging that at one point her GP said her bones were like “Rice Bubbles.”

“Eventually I became morbidly obese, and my bone density was so bad, my doctor said my bones were like Rice Bubbles. I was very much an emotional eater and as I became more unhappy with myself and my life, radical binge eating occurred,” she said.

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Very quickly, she binge-ate her way to a whopping 158 kgs – her heaviest weight of all time.

And despite many failed attempts to embark on a healthier lifestyle, the real turning point for came when she left her partner.

“I think the real change came after my marriage ended and I realised I was worth so much more than the life I had created for myself. I wanted to experience living, and sitting on the couch watching movies while stuffing my face was not the life I wanted nor deserved,” she said.

After her big realisation, Vallely literally reversed the numbers on the scales before it became too detrimental to her wellbeing.

And since then, she has lost an impressive 70 kgs and now weighs a much healthier 88 kgs.

Her current diet

Vallely admits she endured difficulties at the start of her journey. As one can imagine, doing a 360 is not easy especially after years of built-up unhealthy habits.

“It was definitely a challenge. I had to learn the priority of good food prep and being organised. The first week was the toughest, as I struggled with major food cravings and detox headaches, but as I became more organised and those headaches left me, I felt focused, determined and alive,” she said.

Slowly she became more mindful of what she was putting into her body. By sticking to her goals and focusing on the macros she was consuming, she began to feel more energised.

“I ate five meals a day which incorporated a certain amount of carbs and proteins earlier in the day and proteins and good fats later in the day. I increased my water intake and avoided as much sugary and processed foods as possible,” she said.

With the help of the Kim Beach program and dietary changes,Vallely started to make even more progress in terms of changing her body.

She now fully embraces the goodness of nutritious whole foods and she follows a simple diet which allows her to incorporate different types of nutrients.

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Her day on a plate

  • Breakfast: Oats, almond milk, berries and cinnamon.
  • Lunch: Tuna or chicken, rice or quinoa and loads of green veggies and tomatoes.
  • Dinner: Chicken with loads of veggies or a chicken taco bowl.
  • Snacks: Hummus and veggie sticks, boiled eggs, almonds or some cottage cheese with berries, cinnamon and maple syrup.

Her exercise routine

Compared to her previous sedentary lifestyle, Vallely is more physically active. She enjoys the simple pleasures of walking and tries to get as many steps in as possible.

“I love walking, so hubby and I will walk between four and seven kilometres most evenings. I also love weightlifting, so hubby and I will go to the gym early in the morning between three and five times per week,” she said.

By changing up and including hiking into her routine, she keeps her workouts as enjoyable as possible.

“We have one reward walk/hike per week. We pick somewhere new we haven’t been before, or somewhere that we love that is picturesque so we can visually enjoy our walk as well,” she said.

Her advice to others

Vallely’s determination and body transformation is truly inspiring, but the journey to her healthy weight hasn’t been smooth sailing.

“My biggest challenge has been my own mind, especially in the earlier days of this journey. Talking myself out of binge eating was initially tough and I did receive some psychological help there for a bit to work through those issues,” she said.

Negative self-talk was something she really struggled with at the start – especially when it came to exercise and her performance.

“I found in the early stages my mind would consistently tell me I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to climb that hill or lift that weight. I soon found that I needed to train my mind more than I needed to train my body physically,” she explained.

Vallely was very focused on her end goal and had a group of supportive people be there for her.

“Find that thing that you love doing and promise yourself that each day you’re going to try that much harder. If you’re consistent and true to yourself, that’s where the magic happens… tap into support groups of like-minded people also striving for a healthy lifestyle like I did with Kim’s Crew,” she said.

If she could give others one bit of advice, it’s to stay away from fad diets and reach out for support when needed.

“If it promises fast results, it’s not your answer. I lost 90 kilos over 10 years ago on a quick fix and it didn’t last. I had not learnt how to eat nutritious foods, how to exercise or train my body physically. Quick fixes are not sustainable in the long term,” she said.

“And I think also, if you’re struggling with food mentally, don’t be afraid to get professional help. It really can be the difference between freeing your mind and being a prisoner in your own body and head.”