‘I lost 68kg after not leaving the house for 40 years’

‘I lost 68kg after not leaving the house for 40 years’

With diminishing self-confidence and growing depression, Maria’s sons encourage her to join Lite n’ Easy, and 14 months later, she has made tremendous progress in her weight loss journey. 

Before Maria embarked on her weight loss journey, she was eating “whatever I wanted and it was usually rubbish,” she tells Body+Soul. Chips, greasy food, burgers, sweets, salt, nothing was off-limits.

Due to feeling “unhappy in life”, Maria became stuck in a routine of bad eating habits. At her heaviest, Maria weighed 142kg. She says she was so embarrassed by her weight that she stopped leaving the house. She lost touch with friends, the outside world, and as a result, her self-confidence dwindled while her depression grew and the cycle continued.

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It would be 40 years until Maria would begin to overhaul her lifestyle after her sons inspired her to start making changes.

“I needed to make a change and build my self-confidence back up in order to live a fuller, more healthy life,” she acknowledges.

One son, Christian, had been on Lite n’ Easy already, so that was an easy option for Maria. As a self-confessed “bad cook”, the way Lite n’ Easy was structured took the stress out of meal planning, so that was attractive, too.

While the first few weeks of any weight loss journey can be challenging, Maria says she found the adjustment to 1500 calories an easy transition. With meals like steak Diane, Southern fried chicken, and slow-cooked beef in red wine, Maria said: “I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.”

13 months later, Maria has more than halved her weight, losing 68kg. It’s a success she owes to her kids for encouraging their mum to start thinking about her health.

“The turning point for me was my sons. They wanted me to live a healthier lifestyle, and encouraged me to start Lite n’ Easy,” she says.

“If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be stuck in the house, disconnected from the world, and continuing in a downward spiral… I didn’t think of myself much so didn’t know if I could achieve what I wanted to achieve,”

Her self-confidence is back, too, and says she’s absolutely loving life: “Now, I have all the confidence in the world, so I have overcome my biggest challenge which is myself.”