‘I lost 55kg and going cold turkey really worked for me’

‘I lost 55kg and going cold turkey really worked for me’

While it doesn’t work for everyone, going cold turkey on cake, takeaway and fizzy drink really worked for then-18-year-old Georgia, who owes her successful weight loss journey to a strong support network and self-love.

Before embarking on her weight loss journey, Georgia had a problem. She tried to eat well and exercise during the day, but rather than cooking at dinner time, the convenience that takeaway offered to her and her partner was too good to pass up and it was easy to let the ordering spiral out of control. “We would just blow out,” Georgia says.

“I tried going for walks and joining a gym, but I wasn’t seeing the results and that was because it’s not the exercise, it’s really the food that makes a difference in weight loss.”

Her mental health was suffering, too. She “hated” how she looked and wasn’t comfortable in her own skin. On one particularly bad day, Georgia remembers calling her dad in tears.

He said she should come along to WW (formerly Weight Watchers) with him and her stepmum, and the day of Georgia’s first weigh-in was a real eye-opener.

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“I didn’t eat that day because I was so scared,” she recalls.

The scales showed 165.8kg; a rude awakening for Georgia because “I honestly thought I was 40kg lighter than I was.”

She knew that, for her health, and her desire to one day have children, her lifestyle would need a drastic overhaul and she got very serious about it.

“I made sure to eat all my SmartPoints each day, and, while no food is off-limits on WW, I decided to go cold turkey on foods like cake, chocolate, chips and take away,” says the nurse-in-training.

“I also stopped drinking soft drinks. Going cold turkey worked for me but I am very aware that this does not work for everyone.”

She doesn’t deprive herself of going out and indulging from time to time, but Georgia has learned the importance of the SmartPoints system: after celebrating her pa’s 70th birthday a few weeks into the program, she’d gained 2kg.

“Now, when I go to events, I just make sure I have saved my SmartPoints and weekly rollover points, always go for the healthier option and eat in moderation,” Georgia says, now 20 and 55.4kg lighter. She still has one ‘cheat’ meal a week, has recently discovered how much she loves to bike ride, and she also tries to get in three HIIT sessions a week.

Perhaps most importantly, Georgia has learned how vital it is to have a good support network and to love yourself no matter what stage of your journey you’re at.

“It doesn’t matter if you put on one week or stay the same because you can just start again tomorrow, same if you blow out one day, just start again tomorrow,” she says.

“Remember where you started and how much your life has changed for the better.”

Georgia’s day on a plate


A raspberry Chobani yoghurt which is 5SmartPoints or 2SmartPoints depending on the one you get.


Usually left-over dinner, or I like a mountain bread wrap with salad and ham in it or ham and pineapple, like a pizza.


These change often but my favourite dinners are chicken and mushroom stroganoff – 5SmartPoints and I love Chicken spaghetti which is only 3SmartPoints! I changed out pasta for zucchini noodles.


I like to have fruit and veggie straws. I’m not a big dessert person but I don’t mind the Skinny Cow ice creams but I don’t have this often.

I also like to try and drink at least 2L of water per day. I use a drink bottle with the times of the day on it, so I know I have had enough, and track my water in the WW app.

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