‘I lost 40kg without dieting, and have kept it off for 5 years’

‘I lost 40kg without dieting, and have kept it off for 5 years’

Kate Stevenson was stuck in a health rut after graduating from high school. Her once healthy eating habits turned into regular drive-thru runs, she found herself emotionally eating too often, portion sizes became a thing of the past and she completely stopped exercising.

“I went against all of the amazing eating habits and healthy fresh food my mum encouraged for so many years, and the wheels fell off the wagon after a few years of eating so badly,” Kate tells body+soul.

Weighing in at 120kg, Kate recalls two defining moments that made her realise she needed to lose weight.

“The first was needing to be weighed to go skydiving. Because I weighed over 100kg, I had to pay an extra fee to jump,” she explains.

“The second was being an operating theatre nurse, I got to the largest size of scrubs and realised there was nowhere else to go from there.”

But after a consistent year of making healthy changes to her diet and exercise regime, Kate lost a whopping 40kg. Five years later and Kate still sits around the 75kg mark.

Her huge diet change

Opting for quick and easy meals was one of the biggest issues that led to Kate’s weight gain. Because of this, Kate searched for a way she could adopt a ‘quick and easy’ approach to dieting, but in a healthy manner. To do this, she signed up to Lite n’ Easy’s seven day 1500 calorie meal plan.

Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her during the week:

Breakfast: Cereal and toast/yoghurt OR eggs, avo and bacon OR an omelette OR oats.

Lunch: A filling salad OR a sandwich OR a hot meal.

Dinner: A variety of frozen or fresh meals.

Kate notes that no two days or weeks are the same on her meal plan, which takes the boring out of eating healthy. In fact, she says the addition of “cakes, cookies and muesli bars” as snack options makes it feel as though she’s not even trying to diet.

“I don’t consider myself as on a diet; I just eat delicious healthy and nutritious food and on the weekend I’m more relaxed with my diet.”

Her exercise plan

“Getting the motivation to exercise and maintain that exercise was my biggest challenge at the beginning,” Kate says.

However, she became more motivated once she started to see the weight fall off.

“At the moment I’m doing Pilates twice a week and cardio sessions at the gym once or twice a week. I also like to go for walks as well.”

Now, exercising has become “normal” to her and she hasn’t found it hard to maintain her healthy weight of 75kg.

Her number one advice for successful long-term weight loss is simple: “Don’t give up – it’s not meant to happen overnight.

“Be consistent with healthy eating and exercise five out of your seven days of the week, and relax a little on the weekends.”

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