‘I lost 34kg and over 12% body fat walking 30-minutes a day’

‘I lost 34kg and over 12% body fat walking 30-minutes a day’

Molly Sprocket transformed her life in a year by following simple diet and exercise rules. Here she shares all her secrets.

After dealing with the death of her mother, Molly Sprocket put her health on hold.

“The grief was very hard for me to deal with,” the 38-year-old tells Body+Soul. “I gave up on life and as a result, didn’t take care of myself.”

Molly would survive on fast food and foods high in sugar and saturated fats. “I ate all types of foods with little or no moderation.”

She didn’t exercise and “had become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle”.

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Molly before her weight loss. Image: Supplied.

Before she knew it, she tipped the scales at 99kg.

Appalled by the number she was seeing, Molly knew she had to take immediate action and regain her life back.

“My defining moment was reading the number on the scale, looking at my reflection in the mirror and admitting to myself that I was overweight and unhappy with the person I had become.”

She visited her doctor, who recommended she start the Optislim VLCD program and incorporate moderate exercise into her daily routine.

12 months later and Molly has now lost a whopping 33.8kg and 12.6 per cent body fat, weighing in at 65kg. Her BMI has decreased from an obese 36.8 per cent to a health 24.2 per cent.

Here’s exactly how she managed to lose weight – and keep it off…

Molly now. Image: Supplied.

Molly’s diet

Following the Optislim VLCD program, Molly initially replaced her breakfast, lunch and dinner with the program’s shakes or soups. She would also eat a salad or non-starchy vegetables before dinner.

Here’s what her day on a plate looks like now:

  • Breakfast: ShakeLunch: A shake or soup
  • Afternoon tea: Piece of fruit or veggies
  • Dinner: 200g of chicken/ beef or fish, with salad or vegetables
  • Dessert: Low fat yogurt or fresh fruit

She also ensures to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water each day.

Molly’s exercise routine

Molly replaced her sedentary lifestyle with daily activity and a non-negotiable 30-minute walk.

“The first two weeks were challenging, adjusting to the changes in my food intake and exercise was tough, however to my surprise weight loss results where instant and only fuelled my focus and commitment to work towards achieving my desired weight loss goal,” she explains.

Molly is happier and healthier now. Image: Supplied.

Molly on the biggest lesson she learnt

Seeing those numbers on the scale and looking at the person she had let herself become in the mirror was the big wake-up call Molly needed.

“A lot of people struggle with being overweight; overweight people need to be honest to themselves and admit that it is an issue. It’s a very sad and uncomfortable truth to confront but it’s the only way to move forward.

“For me it was a willingness to accept the truth, and a willingness to do something about it.

Image: Supplied.

Molly’s 6 tips for long-term successful weight loss

Losing weight is achievable by making positive changes to your everyday routine:

1. Drink water and lots of it.

2. Keep a food diary, be mindful of what you eat, and remember everything in moderation.

3. Commit to your personal goals and set aside 30 minutes of your day for exercise or a simple walk. 

4. Making excuses only deny you from reaching your goals sooner.

5. Get a good night sleep.

6. Be patient and don’t give up on you!