‘I lost 30kg eating six meals a day’

‘I lost 30kg eating six meals a day’

In 206, I was a mother to two girls, aged 4 and 2, and found the transition from one child to two a big challenge. I was trying to find that balance of working and being the best mum I could be that I didn’t focus on my needs.

During this time, my sister and her children were involved in a home accident which saw my husband and I become full time carers to our niece, who was only 3-weeks-old until she was 16 months.

I realised that since having kids I wasn’t as active as I once was, I was also an emotional eater who ate badly. I was ashamed of not fitting into my clothes and would avoid socialising. When I looked in the mirror I did not like the person looking back at me.

As we went through the transition of having my niece go back to her family, I realized I was unhappy with myself physically and mentally. I decided I needed to change and focus back on me.

I found The Healthy Mummy, which helped me lose 10kg. I was eating healthier, feeling better about myself and fitting into my clothes again.

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Soon after my niece went back to her family I injured my back and had a severely herniated disc that affected my nerve endings down the side of one of my legs. I was in agony. I couldn’t exercise while recovering, so I focused on my nutrition and was able to maintain my weight loss.

In 2017 I fell pregnant with twins. With the support of my OB, I used scaled and modified workouts and saw a trainer qualified in pregnancy/post natal exercises so I was able to continue working out and eating well throughout my whole twin pregnancy.

Before embarking on post-natal exercise, I got clearance and saw a physio who specialised in women’s health.

The twins are now 16 months old and not only am I stronger and fitter than ever, but I’m now friends with myself. When I look in the mirror I do love the person looking back at me.

At my heaviest, I weighed 96kg. I was 85kg when I started my Healthy Mummy journey and lost 10kg, so I was 75kg when I fell pregnant with the twins. I’m now 72kg.

Instead of critiquing my body I have been amazed and in awe of what it has done and what it continues to do.

My diet

Instead of eating processed and pre-packaged food, I started making my own meals. I cut out take away, fried, chocolates and cakes, I ate more vegetables and changed my portion sizes.

I started out by taking baby steps. For me, taking it slowly made it feel achievable and not overwhelming. I realized I was making conscious decisions about what I was cooking and how I was exercising.

I felt like I was in control and making lifestyle changes that were sustainable for me and my family.

My day on a plate

  • Breakfast – A smoothie made with protein powder and water
  • Snack – A cup of tea, yoghurt and almonds
  • Lunch – It varies, either leftovers from dinner or a salad with chicken breast or chicken and salad wrap.
  • Snack – Homemade bliss balls or small homemade muffin
  • Dinner – It usually consists of protein, vegetables and some carbs. I don’t eat red meat, so I make sure I have a lot of green, leafy vegetables
  • Snack – Hot chocolate

My typical weekly workouts

I usually do five Healthy Mummy exercise programs, three or four gym sessions, two Crossfit sessions and a 5Km parkrun once a week.

I tend to do when my children are out and I go to the gym when they’re asleep. I do my Crossfit sessions on the days I don’t work and take my three youngest kids with me while the eldest is at school. I do my park run on Saturdays, with or without my eldest child.

The lessons I’ve learnt along the way

Health looks different for everyone.

Developing a lifestyle and routine that is sustainable allowed me to reach my goals and enjoy the process along the way.

This is where the saying ‘Don’t compare yourself to others’ comes in and it really is the truth. I stayed focused on embracing how amazing and unique I am rather than trying to be someone else.

It’s not about losing a particular size or losing a certain amount of weight.

I make sure I always look at the bigger picture:

  • Am I sleeping better?
  • Am I fitting in your clothes better?
  • Am I happy wearing certain type of clothes regardless of the size?
  • Am I feeling stronger?
  • Am I feeling fitter?
  • Am I having a better relationship with food?
  • Do I have increased self confidence?
  • Do I feel happier about your body?
  • Has my mental health (in one or multiple areas) improved?

Accept and embrace your body at all stages

I stopped criticising myself and thinking negatively about my body. I let go of unrealistic beauty standards and opened the door to nurturing and loving my body.

I gave myself a positive affirmation daily to challenge my negative thoughts. This doesn’t happen overnight and was challenging but I am now thankful for doing it.

Becoming friends with my body is when l started to accept myself without judgement.

My advice for others

Remember why you want to change then just start making small changes. This will help you establish what works for you and your family.

It is not a race. Sometimes you have to be patient and stay consistent until the changes you want start to become apparent.

It’s OK to make yourself a priority. It is not selfish.

Every day won’t be perfect or go according to plan. Make sure you love yourself even on those hard days.

The Healthy Mummy is a global parenting health site, exclusively for mums. It offers completely holistic health programs and includes an app featuring easy to do meal and exercise plans on the 28 Day Challenge.