‘I lost 27kg eating 5 meals a day and kept it off’

‘I lost 27kg eating 5 meals a day and kept it off’

Courtney Thursfield’s body transformation proves long-term weight loss doesn’t mean starvation.

After moving out of home and falling pregnant in her mid-twenties, Courtney Thursfield had gone from a healthy 60kg teenager to a 90kg mum-of-one.

It was a combination of working a full-time job, caring for her child and injuring her knee that caused the weight to pile on easily. Courtney and her partner fell into the routine of opting for takeaway regularly, and she stopped exercising altogether due to her injury.

“We would have takeaway or drive thru meals three to four days per week,” the mother-of-one tells body+soul.

“We were not taking care of ourselves at all and we were just eating whatever was convenient. Before I had my daughter we would not eat at home very often at all and when we did our serving sizes were way too big, and quite often we’d have seconds of meals.”

It wasn’t until her daughter was four-years-old did Courtney realise she needed to stop using “baby weight as an excuse” for her weight gain.

“It just clicked that a mum of a four-year-old does not have baby weight – I was just overweight and unhealthy,” she recalls. “I wanted to be able to run around after my daughter, I wanted to enjoy going out and getting dressed up, and I had to just let all of that go.”

Determined to turn her life around, Courtney signed up to the Healthy Mummy meal plan. 14 months later and she lost 27kg and has managed to keep it off for a further six months.

Here’s how she managed to transform her body – and life.

Courtney’s diet

Prior to her weight loss, Courtney’s diet consisted of fried chicken, burgers and plenty of Diet Coke. She completely eliminated all three, swapping them for healthier choices.

“No more deep fried foods, no more drive thrus, no more soft drink. I was a very big Diet Coke drinker, and I stopped this as soon as I started to eat better.”

She kept track of her calorie intake, portion sizes were reduced and takeaway meals became a thing of the past.

“I have about 16000 calories to play with each day, and I make sure to choose meals that I really enjoy,” Courtney explains.

“We bought new bowls and plates that were smaller than our old ones – this made it much simpler to ensure the portions were correct. I also made sure to choose healthy meal options that I liked. There is no point eating healthy just for the sake of it, I made sure to enjoy what I was cooking and eating.”

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Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her now

Breakfast: A smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk, ice and a Healthy Mummy smoothie mix.

Lunch: Brown rice cakes with avocado and cheese, or salami and cheese.

Afternoon snack: A yummy sweet treat, usually a piece of homemade slice or biscuit.

Dinner: Chicken, broccoli and cashew stir fry, or chicken laksa.

Dessert: Snickers mousse or a microwave chocolate lava cake.

Courtney’s workout routine

After recovering from her knee injury, Courtney eased her way back into playing netball. She now also makes sure to keep active throughout the week, whether it be in the form of at-home workouts or a relaxing walk.

“I play netball once a week, I complete two to three half-an-hour exercise videos and I walk as often as I can,” she says of her weekly exercise regimen. “I walk my daughter to-and-from school every day and on the weekend we try to do at least one one-hour family walk.”

Courtney on the biggest challenge

The mother-of-one admits the biggest challenge was overhauling her diet.

“I needed to change my whole way of thinking, food was always whatever was convenient,” she continues. “Now I need to make sure I’ve planned everything out, pre-prepared what I can and have everything ready to go at each meal.”

But despite it being a “tough” journey that didn’t come quickly, Courtney says the hard work was – and is – all worth it.

“Every little loss is fantastic. My weight didn’t fall off, it came off slowly and steadily, and has made it easier to maintain.”