‘I lost 19kg and all my belly fat by combining these two diets’

‘I lost 19kg and all my belly fat by combining these two diets’

Those of us looking for a little encouragement during our own weight loss journey love knowing how others hit their goal.

It’s why the Reddit thread “ProgressPics” is so great. Users can publish their before and after images to help inspire other and share the tips that helped them shed fat.

A 26-year-old woman proudly showed off her impressive abs after detailing how she lost a whopping 19kg.

Previously weighing 71kg, she’s now a petite 52kg.

“In spring 2016 I weighed my highest ever – 83kg – and at 167cm that means I hit “obese” on the BMI chart,” she said.

“That was a wake up call at the time and I worked to get my weight down before eventually stagnating in the 70’s and stopping tracking.”

She also revealed her weight loss journey was part of a lifestyle overhaul, with a focus on health as well as slimness.

“I started anti-depressants and have regained control of my life: I quit smoking, I’ve further reduced my already reduced drinking, purged over a decade’s worth of crap I’ve held on to, started portion control, stretch and meditate daily, and have started journaling,” she said.

She also shared the diet that worked for her, the CICO diet.

If you’ve never heard of it, it stands for calories in, calories out and focusses on counting calories.

“Once I mastered CICO, I started learning about getting adequate protein and balancing carbs,” she said.

“I don’t eat less than 100g protein/day now that I’m lifting. It’s definitely helped in weight loss and muscle definition.”

“I’m combining 1200 (calories) with 14:10 IF (mostly because I don’t have a predictable time to eat lunch at work).”

She fasts for 14 hours a day and eats her calories within a 10 hour window.