‘I lost 18kg in 8 weeks by quitting snacking’

‘I lost 18kg in 8 weeks by quitting snacking’

Laura Harney had lost 18kg following the 28 by Sam Wood program.  She shares just how much of her life has changed – much to her own surprise.

Laura Harney has struggled with weight during both her pregnancies, alternating between gaining and losing weight, which can be a vicious cycle.

Her struggles lied in leaning on comfort foods to get through her days post pregnancy, a mentality that ultimately gave herself permission to eat more of the unhealthy foods.

“I definitely gained a very negative ‘oh I’m pregnant, it doesn’t matter what I eat’ attitude,” she said.

“It became a habit – an addiction and it was easier post pregnancies to just continue eating and drinking what I wanted.”

Laura would have a steady intake of coke with no sugar, chocolate and uber eats to spare herself from leaving the house, her exercise routine was almost non-existent.

Looking after two babies, it was difficult for Laura to plan her walks on the off chance her babies weren’t napping, being fed, or if they weren’t even in the mood for a walk – motherhood is a force of its on.

“I was drinking almost 2 litres of Coke No Sugar daily, a block of chocolate a day and whatever meals I could get my hands on easily with two babies,” the mother-of-two explained.

“My anxiety went through the roof and it just became much easier to stay home.”

Seeing photos of herself at family and friend functions caused a lot of her anxiety. But, Laura finally kicked anxiety to the curb after realising it was controlling her every decision. And they way she did that was a simple scroll through 28 by Sam Wood on facebook.

“I knew it was time to change. Seeing photos of myself at friend’s weddings or my daughters first birthday nearly broke my heart,” Laura added.

“It’s amazing how the mind works and I definitely did not see that in the mirror. I had followed the 28 by Sam Wood on Facebook for a year but always thought I didn’t need it or it wasn’t for me.”

Laura’s diet

Laura said that the first week was initially the hardest. She received withdrawal headaches caused by the lack of caffeine and sugar intake she was normally used to. But saying ‘no’ got easier after the first couple of weeks.

“… also seeing the weight drop off quickly was motivation to stick it out,” she said.

Laura has made strict lie-changing diet changes like cutting out sugar drinks and chocolate.

“I just eat so much more healthy, fresh and delicious food. Throughout the 8-week challenge I only ate three meals a day and no snacks.”

Here’s Laura’s typical day on a plate:

Breakfast: Raspberry and coconut smoothie.

Lunch: I always make two servings of dinner so that I have leftovers for lunch the next day. Doing this has been a game changer for me, being time poor during the day chasing after my girls.

Dinner: It changes every day but some of my favourites would include: BBQ Corn & Chorizo salad; Quinoa, pumpkin & Haloumi salad; Bacon & Sweet Potato Burger; Clean Chicken Parmas’.

Laura’s exercise routine

Laura gets up every day at 5.30am to workout for 28-minutes.

“Ideally I would do this and my girls would stay asleep but that doesn’t happen,” she laughs.

But once her little girls are up, Laura goes for a quick 2km walk.

Overall, Laura has lost an amazing 18Kg, which has taken her 8-weeks.

Laura’s lessons and advice: “progress not perfection”

The biggest lesson Laura learnt is how weight gain can affect mental health.

“It wasn’t until the weight fell off that I realised how much it had been affecting me. I am a better person, better mum, and better partner all because of this program,” she said.

“The biggest change I noticed is how much my relationship with food is now positive again.”

Sam Wood and his crew have a saying that Laura now lives by – “progress not perfection” – which means people don’t need to feel guilty if you have a treat sparingly, or if you’re not 100 per cent on the diet plan. And for Laura, every healthy choice is a step in the right direction.

“Be kind to yourself. Know that you deserve this. That it will be hard but it was definitely be worth it.”