‘I lost 15kg and still ate pasta nearly everyday’

‘I lost 15kg and still ate pasta nearly everyday’

Anna Goodman made a few minor changes to her diet and exercise routine, that led to her impressive 15 kgs weight loss transformation. 

Before her incredible weight loss transformation, Anna Gooden thought she was doing all the right things when it came to her health but was still not seeing any results.

“I exercised almost six days a week – but I wasn’t doing the right exercises and I definitely wasn’t pushing myself, I’d probably put in 60 per cent effort,” Anna told body+soul.

The inconsistency of her efforts left Anna unmotivated and turning to junk food instead.

“I would eat inconsistently and give myself too many cheat days for example Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” she explained.

Her weight gain was mostly prompted by her sedentary office job. Anna started putting on more weight than she was losing, and “didn’t have a lot of time for” herself during this busy period of her life.

When she reached her heaviest weight at 84 kg, she knew it was time for a proper lifestyle change.

“It was a Wednesday night. I was sitting in the carpark at my local shopping center after picking up Chinese takeaway and already feeling disappointed in myself for having caved – I was sick of feeling so out of control with my choices.”

After this realisation, Anna took control of her eating habits and began to keep a record of what she was consuming on a daily basis.

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Her current diet

Anna still consumes the foods she enjoys – even carbs in the form of pasta.

Instead of cutting out certain foods from her diet, she is just a little more conscious about the portion size.

“I started counting calories and tracking how many calories I burned- it really was as simple as that. I didn’t focus too much on specifically what I was eating but more so how much.”

With this minor diet tweak, Anna also began using a fitness app to stay on track and instead of using the scales in an unhealthy way, she used it for her advantage.

“I used the NOOM app which was really helpful in giving me motivation to keep going. Also, weighing yourself everyday and seeing the change on the scales from day to day is seriously motivating.”

“A lot of people are scared of the scales, and I used to be too – but I stopped looking at the scales as an assessment of my worth as a person, and more as a scientific tool of measurement to track my progress.”

With these lifestyle changes, Anna lost an impressive – and realistic- 15 kgs.

“I now weight 69.5 kgs and it’s taken me 12 months”

Such an impressive effort.

A day on a plate

Breakfast – Half cup of oats cooked in water, one teaspoon peanut butter and one teaspoon of honey with chopped up strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch – Lean Cuisine Frozen meal (or often spaghetti bolognese or beef stroganoff).

Snack – Rice cakes with peanut butter.

Dinner – McCain Healthy Choice frozen meal (or usually a pasta of some sort).

Her exercise routine

Anna’s current exercise routine is attainable and a good example that you can transform yourself while having a good time.

She now enjoys doing strength and cardio circuits at ZADI (a female HIIT gym). With the different circuits and motivation of having others in her class, she is getting an effective workout in while keeping it fun at the same time.

“Friday is a rest day for me and then I like to go on big walks on the weekend.”

Advice to others

Anna’s biggest challenge along the way, was maintaining consistency with her fitness routine.

“I travelled a lot this year, which meant eating out at restaurants and being away from the gym – that’s really hard.”

But despite the changing circumstances, she didn’t give up and stayed on track.

Her biggest advice to others is not to succumb to the “all or nothing” mentality. Anna believes that doing a little bit everyday helps in the long term.

“Be kind to yourself and don’t fall into the all-or-nothing trap. If you’ve exceeded your calorie limit for the day, compensate by walking home or burning off more the next day with a workout,” she explained.

“If you fall down, pick yourself up again and keep going – celebrate the small wins and don’t give up.”