‘I lost 13kg and toned my body by doing this one thing’

‘I lost 13kg and toned my body by doing this one thing’

Thessy Kouzoukas has been on a mission to lose the 23kg she gained during her pregnancy — and the young mum and entrepreneur has been kicking goals ever since, showing off her incredible booty transformation and toned figure.

The 29-year-old co-founder of Sabo Skirt has been well and truly tested over the past few years after battling stage four endometriosis, enduring the obstacles of IVF treatment for the birth of daughter Zani and post-partum recovery.

Thessy shared an honest Instagram post, revealing there have been moments she has wanted to give up, but she has kept pushing through.

“All my hard work, sweat and tears. this is result of 5 months of the @fitazfk app, and almost 2 months of the @fitazfk 8 week challenge,” Thessy said in a before-and-after post.

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She revealed she’s been training six days a week for the past seven months.

“I’ve had a total of 2 cheat meals, many mornings of fighting with Georgio (fiance) begging him that we don’t have to run today but always end up smashing it, and so far 13.2kgs down.

“I haven’t finished my challenge and will continue to do the 8 week challenge all the way til it finishes on Monday.”

The post has generated nearly 15,000 likes, with many women leaving messages of support.

“Omg I’m so proud !!!! And your hubby such a good man so supportive! Power couple,” said fitness guru Ashy Bines.

“So so so good!!,” said her sister-in-law and business partner Yiota.

“Wow. Your f**k**g killed it babe. GO GIRL,” a follower added.

Thessy, who was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for her style empire with her sister-in-law Yiota, is on a mission to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy before her wedding in July.

“I know my body performed a miracle and I love myself for it,” Thessy wrote in an Instagram post. “In saying this, I have a wedding I have dreamt my whole life about and I don’t want to get to two months out and go on a crash diet. So I decided to do this the proper way. My main priority is being a mother but I found the time and dedication to exercise for 45 mins daily.”

Since December, she has gone on to lose 13.2kg after making a promise she would become the fittest and leanest she’s ever been in time for her big day.

“I kept that promise to myself. I have lost 13.2kgs since that day,” she said in a post last week.

But it hasn’t been easy for the Queensland mum who admitted losing every gram was hard.

“It didn’t just fall off. With only 800 grams left to lose for my wedding day in 2 weeks. I am so proud of myself, I really am,” she said.

Thessy gained global attention for her brutally honest account of living with endometriosis after she was forced to undergo surgery to remove a 14cm cyst, one of her ovaries and both of her fallopian tubes.

The young designer was then told she’d need to go through IVF with her partner if she wished to conceive. The couple went through multiple treatments before falling pregnant in early 2018 and welcoming their first daughter Zani nine months later.

Throughout her pregnancy, Thessy openly shared with her followers she experienced significant weight gain (mainly due to hormone injections) — and with her Greek Island wedding coming up, was determined to revert to her lean 53kg self.

“I am not one of these women who ‘bounce back’ and look like I didn’t grow a human,” Thessy shared in an Instagram post back in February. “I gained 23kgs and every kilo I have to work my ass off to lose.”

She owes her wedding shred efforts to the FitazFK app, which is co-founded by her fiance Georgio.

Talking to Sporte Luxe, the mother-of-one shared her daily meals that include chia pudding or two Weetbix with berries on almond milk for breakfast.

Then it’s turkey breast lettuce tacos for lunch and a banana before training.

For dinner, she will have a source of protein (beef, chicken, fish or pork) and a Greek salad.

“Basically, I train for an hour a day. Normally I do a double workout from the FitazFK App (1 x strength workout and 1 x HIIT workout) and of recent I have changed to the 8-week guide where I do an LSD 30 min run/walk and a 28-minute workout from the guide. I do this 6 days a week on most weeks,” she told the online publication.

Thessy said she has never trained this hard in her life, and her partner inspired her persistence and determination to achieve her goals.

“Don’t get me wrong, I did some exercise but more for my health where this is next level,” she said.

“I constantly have Georgio in my ear. But in saying that I remember I have a goal and that goal is driving me at the moment.”