‘I lost 10kg in a month but wouldn’t do it again’

‘I lost 10kg in a month but wouldn’t do it again’

Holly, 30, had ballooned to a size 18-20 from a size six to eight, after her partying days of drinking and kebabs saw her reach 121kg.

Standing at 165cm, insurance worker Holly had a BMI of 44.4, and was more than 50kg heavier than the recommended weight for her frame.

She’s the latest participant to appear on ITV’s Save Money Lose Weight, which this week road tested the vegan keto diet, combining two popular diets already on the market.

Holly, from King’s Lynn, said her love of stodgy food was partly to blame for her weight.

She said: “I guess like a lot of carbs, I eat a lot of toast.

“And the fact I eat at weird times is where I struggle. Maybe a little bit of portion size, living on your own is quite difficult to make the right amount. And then you feel like you’ve just got to eat it all.

“I tend to snack more when I’m sad or if I’m feeling a bit emotional. So that does tend to be a trigger for me, eating stuff that I shouldn’t.

Starting off her 28-day diet, Holly’s food for the next month involves a lot of vegetables, seeds, nuts and tofu, with Holly admitting she “doesn’t really know what it is”.

She is restricted to 20-50g of carbs and 1700-200 calories a day, saying: “Apparently I’m going to wee oil and I may be constipated for a little while.

“But apparently after that it’s all smooth sailing.”

On the menu are dishes such as zucchini Alfredo, cauliflower soup and steamed spinach, lemon poppy seed muffins and chia and almond butter pudding, which she says is like “fruity Weetabix”.

Testing her urine at the beginning of the experiment – which is how she can tell if her body is in ketosis – she measures just above negative, acknowledging she’s “got a long way to go”.

As the weeks go on and Holly has very little carbs, her body goes into ketosis, were it burns fat instead of glucose.

But the diet begins to take its toll, with Holly reporting flu-like symptoms, often known as the Keto-flu.

She perseveres until the end, despite saying: “Being vegan is fine, you can still have your carbs, but adding keto is just impossible.

“Although I’m in ketosis there’s no option for you to be able to go out have a drink, have food, your social life just crumbles.”

When it came to that all-important weigh in, Holly was shocked to discover she’d lost a whopping 8kg, dropping down to 113kg.

She lost 13cm from her waist, but most importantly the diet cost her $523.38 for the month – $65 for every kilo lost.

Holly said: “In 28 days, yeah I’m happy with that.

“To lose that much around my waist, I’m really pleased with that.”

But when asked if she’d continue, she said: “You couldn’t pay me to continue with the diet. I just can’t handle any more seeds.

“I’m sorry vegan keto, it’s goodbye from me.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.