‘I lost 10kg after quitting takeaway and snacking’

‘I lost 10kg after quitting takeaway and snacking’

Unsuccessful rounds of IVF caused Jessica from NSW to slump into a period of not eating well and she hated exercise. But by joining 28 by Sam Wood, the 30-year-old took back control of her lifestyle and lost 10.5kg. 

Jessica laughs about her attitude towards exercise before her weight loss journey.

She remembers the “biggest arguments” she and her fiance were about going for a walk; he wanted to, she vehemently didn’t. She had zero energy and hated any form of exercise. It was a vicious cycle.

“I actually did say to him on multiple occasions, ‘I put on weight when I exercise’,” she laughs.

The 30-year-old’s weeknights consisted of “what I thought to be healthy meals” like full-sized chicken schnitzel, but she would also overindulge in morning tea at work.

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Every weekend meal, Friday to Sunday, was takeaway of some kind, which Jessica would over-eat and feel “disgusting” afterward.

Her IVF journey also played a part in her weight gain; cycles that were cancelled due to COVID and naturally falling pregnant only to experience two blighted ovums (when a fertilised egg implants in the uterus but doesn’t develop into an embryo) caused Jessica to understandably fall “into a slump where I didn’t want to exercise or eat healthy.”

When she and her fiance opted for pausing trying for a baby and plan their wedding instead, Jessica decided “that when we were ready to try for a baby again, I wanted to be at optimum health and weight to give myself the best chance of maintaining a healthy pregnancy.” And so, after being recommended 28 by Sam Wood by her mum, Jessica began making pivotal lifestyle changes.

She decided to quit snacking. To get her mind and body used to this concept, for the first two weeks she had boiled eggs as recommended by the program, but has since phased snacking out completely.

“I now don’t snack, apart from occasionally having a spoonful of the Mayvers super spread in the afternoon if I’m hungry,” she says, but raves about the diversity of meals that’s offered by 28 by Sam Wood so much so that she doesn’t need anything in between meals.

“I eat the best, most flavoursome, restaurant quality, diverse range of foods I have ever had in my life,” Jessica enthuses.

“I now eat at home rather than take out 98 percent of the time and when I go out I try to make much healthier choices. I actually enjoy cooking now and feel amazing from the foods I eat.”

It’s simple, healthier swaps Jessica has made that has helped her lose 10.5kg in 14 weeks; like using Greek yoghurt as a sour cream alternative, and wholemeal pasta instead of regular pasta.

But she’s also exercising a lot more, finding enjoyment in the 28 minutes Sam Wood’s program offers Monday to Friday and trying to get in 10,000 steps every day.

Jessica’s biggest lessons have been that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.

“Creating healthy habits is so much more rewarding and can be just as fun,” she says.

Jessica’s day on a plate


Usually a smoothie. My current faves are crew choc smoothie, tropical mango smoothie or strawberry mylk smoothie, or Katie’s Choc Peanut Butter Porridge.

Lunch and dinner

They’re always the same as I have leftover dinner from the night before for lunch. I never have the same foods so it is so, so diverse and amazing.

I have all sorts of foods ranging from: bangers and mash, BBQ corn and halloumi salad, beef burger bowl, 28 pizzas, curries, chicken nuggets and slaw, chicken parmigiana, fried rice, healthy vegetarian cottage pie. There are thousands of recipes to choose from that do not disappoint

Snacks and desserts

I usually have a teaspoon or tablespoon of Mayvers hazelnut super spread. But I have only started doing this in the last month or so. Prior to this I did not snack and didn’t have dessert either.

I have made a couple of the snacks/desserts for special occasions such as the apple and almond tea cake, peanut butter protein balls, and the raw chocolate crackle slice.