‘I followed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s flat belly diet for a week, and still ate hot chips’

‘I followed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s flat belly diet for a week, and still ate hot chips’

If you thought following the same diet as an internationally renowned supermodel would be too tough to try, I would have been right there with you. Life’s too short right? That is until I gave model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s diet a try.

Gluten free, dairy free and largely sugar free, it has all the hallmarks of a classic celebrity diet, but with Rosie, there’s a difference. The model is mindful about what she eats, but she still allows herself French fries after a long day and she certainly doesn’t exist on just celery the rest of the time.

Due a bit of a health kick after a few heavy weekends, I decided to give Rosie’s diet a try and follow her rules for a week – and this is what happened…

Water, what’s not to love?

Every morning, the first thing that Rosie does is drink a litre of water before eating or drinking anything else. Then, throughout the day, she tries to drink an additional two litres of water to bring her total up to a minimum of three a day. Now this, I thought, seems like a part of a supermodel diet that I can easily get into.

After just a few days of attempting to get a litre of water down me before drinking anything else and then drink a further two throughout the day, I realised how little water I normally have on a regular basis. By consciously consuming water during the day, instead of just sipping on my water bottle whenever I get a spare chance, I realised that on an average day before I probably struggled to drink even one litre. Now I’m chugging that before breakfast. Thanks Rosie.

The supermodel attributes her clearer skin to being strict about her water intake and I noticed the same. Not only did my skin look brighter and better hydrated, but my digestion improved too. I know we hear about the benefits of drinking water all the time but, seriously guys, do it. It works.

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The food commandments

Like any supermodel that’s got to make money by looking good in as little as just underwear (or sometimes, even less) Rosie has to be strict about her diet – but she’s still sensible about it.

The mother-of-one incorporates lots of lean protein and fresh vegetables into her diet but tries not to eat red meat. So for me to follow suit that means fish (as I don’t eat meat) and lots of fresh salads and Mediterranean dishes.

The 32-year-old also steers clear of dairy, but coffee is still a go, so like the model if I need a caffeine fix in the mornings I can reach for a soy latte.

In an interview with Women’s Health a few years ago, Rosie mentions that her go-to breakfast is, “scrambled eggs and spinach” and if she feels like she needs more fuel between meals, she’s a vegetable juice addict.

“My juicer is definitely the most used piece of kit in my kitchen and my cupboards are stocked with organic fruit and vegetables,” she said.

I change up my breakfast routine at home to have scrambled eggs in the morning (no butter, tiny bit of almond milk) and then switch between spinach, tomatoes or avocado as an accompaniment. Normally I’d throw all of that on top of a lovely piece of sourdough toast, but this is a supermodel’s diet I’m following so, unsurprisingly, there’s no bread on a day-to-day basis. Sigh.

It’s not all strictly spinach, though

Although Rosie is a vegetable lover (we have that common R!) and steers clear of carbs and dairy on a daily basis, her philosophy is more about eating clean and simply at home so that when she does go out, she can enjoy some small (and delicious) indulgences.

“I’m certainly not going to chow down on a massive bowl of pasta the night before a lingerie shoot – but I never want to be the girl looking miserable pushing a salad around my plate or nibbling on a celery stalk,” she said.

This means that French fries, cheese and bread are all on the agenda for a treat meal every once in a while.

I’m only human, so after virtuously following Rosie’s diet all week, I allow myself to cheat on Saturday night (ok, and on Sunday too) enjoying a pizza with friends and making pancakes for brunch (the pancakes were dairy-free I might add, but I did cover them in fruit and syrup and I’m not even sorry).

The results

After a week of eating (more or less) like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but sadly not living her glamorous lifestyle, I certainly felt pretty good about myself.

Never once during the week did I feel hungry and on the odd occasion that I did get tempted to snack between meals (always a no-no) I simply chugged some more water or popped out to get a green juice if the H2O wasn’t cutting it.

Upping my intake of water to match Rosie’s daily target certainly helped my skin and my digestion and laying off the carbs during the week not only made me feel less bloated, but my stomach looked flatter too.

Making sure that all of my meals were made with fresh foods, largely vegetables, also helped keep everything ‘regular’ in the digestion department too.

I don’t know that I have the discipline to be anywhere near as strict with my diet as Rosie on a weekly basis, but her motto of eating clean and healthily at home to allow for small indulgences when out and about is certainly something I will stick to in the long term.