How to lose belly fat in a week, according to Sam Wood

How to lose belly fat in a week, according to Sam Wood

If short-term weight loss is what you are after, then by all means try whatever method you like.

But if you want to lose weight, keep it off and actually enjoy the process, then you need to kick the quick fixes to the curb. With this being said, you can still achieve a lot in a week and come out the other side feeling and looking better than how you started it.

The key is to be realistic and know that change doesn’t happen overnight but you can make a great start in 7-days. Here’s your checklist.

1. Are you doing HIIT and resistance training?

If you want to burn fat fast, you need to do HIIT. The EPOC produced by HIIT means your resting metabolic rate is elevated for 24 hours or more after your workout. Your body turns into a fat-burning machine.

Compliment your HIIT with resistance training to tone and shape lean muscle. The more lean muscle we have, the more efficient our body is at burning fat and this is the goal.

2. Have you cut down or cut out processed carbs and refined sugar?

Processed carbs and refined sugars are low in fibre, are digested quickly and are lacking in nutrients.

They can cause crashes in your blood sugar levels and also cause you to overeat. Carbs are the preferred energy source so reducing your carb intake (I like low carb, not no carb) will cause your body to burn more fat.

3. Are you drinking too much alcohol?

Alcohol is considered a toxin to your body and therefore it will prioritise burning this off first. The problem with this is that your body will be too busy burning off booze to burn any fat or whatever else you have consumed.

This becomes a double negative when you eat high-fat foods when drinking alcohol (late night maccas run, anyone?) because your body will store the fat as it’s too busy burning off your drinks.

Not to mention, alcohol also affects your sleep quality and makes you far more likely to snooze your morning training alarm, so swap the wine for water if you want to tone that tummy.

4. Eat the right types of fat

You need to eat fat to lose fat. Good fats promote satiety, which keeps you full and prevents overeating.

When your diet is carb heavy, your body becomes efficient at burning carbs and that will be the preferred source of energy. Eating a lower carb, higher fat diet will train your body to become an efficient bat burner and turn your body into a lean, mean fat burning machine.

5. Hydrate

Approximately two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. When you’re dehydrated, your body can’t function properly and this includes your metabolism.

Dehydration also is often confused for hunger, causing you to eat more than necessary. Keeping hydrated also helps to avoid fluid retention and bloating so make sure you’re getting your 2L per day for that flat tummy feeling.