‘How I lost nearly 4kg in 2 weeks’

‘How I lost nearly 4kg in 2 weeks’

Busy mum Kerryn explains how she managed to lose more than 4kgs, while still maintaining her career and demanding family life. 

Similar to a lot of busy mums, Kerryn was struggling to find time to fit in proper eating habits and regular exercise.

Before embarking on her weight loss transformation, the 38-year old early parenting practitioner found free time to be a rarity.

“Living a busy lifestyle with teenagers and being their personal Uber driver, food was always the easy option, but often not healthy or just takeaway.”

Kerryn claims to “have been on every ‘diet’ known to man, however, always struggled to find time to meal prep.”

Her motivation to workout was very little as well, as she didn’t particularly like exercising.

“Exercise is a word that I don’t like to use, as it isn’t something that I enjoy doing, however I do like to take my dog for a walk around my estate in which I live,” she claimed.

In the end, her demanding daily commitments and being uninspired to workout prompted her weight gain, bringing her highest weight to 86kgs.

The moment she decided to get her life back on the health track was when she had a fun girls-trip lined up and wanted to feel more confident.

“I was going away on a cruise with my girlfriends and wanted to look better if we were going to be sitting beside the pool relaxing and drinking cocktails.” This was the inspiration she was waiting for.

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Her current diet

Small changes go a long way, so Kerryn started by increasing her water intake. Next she found Lite n’ Easy’s new program Jump Start.

“Being on Lite n’ Easy was simple. I didn’t have to think about what I was eating – I would just open the fridge/freezer and I was good to go,” Kerryn explained.

The convenience of the meal plans allowed her family to join in with her healthy eating.

“I was also providing my children with better meals. I didn’t want to have ‘naughty food’ in the house as I didn’t want to be tempted to eat it.”

Currently, Kerryn isn’t restricting herself and is able to eat enough to fully satisfy her hunger.

“Surprisingly I am eating a lot of food and do not feel hungry at all, the food is all tasty and delicious and have not had anything that I haven’t been happy with.”

Her exercise routine

Slowly but surely, Kerryn has started to change her attitude towards working out.

“Prior to Lite n’ Easy, exercise was a bad word. However, I have felt like I have had more energy and have been going for walks almost every second day with dog – and it has made me feel great.”

Kerryn’s transformation might not have been the most consistent but she is determined to get it back on track again with her next delivery of Lite n’ Easy.

“I had been on Jump Start for three weeks and had lost 4.5kgs. I then went on a cruise with my friends (and of course I enjoyed myself a little too much) and put back on 2kgs,” she said. Sometimes you have to indulge – especially if it’s mimosas by the pool.

“However I had already arranged for my next delivery prior to returning from my cruise so that I could get back on track.”

Her advice to others

Naturally, Kerryn has faced some challenges along the way, one main issue being time management and “having to prepare meals for the rest of the family.”

She also found herself “stopping the kids from eating my food as they thought the dinners were tasty.” (Shows that healthy foods can be very appetising!)

Her advice to others is to “be patient and kind to yourself.”

“Life is too short, just embrace every day, feeling happier and healthier so that I am able to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Kerryn’s weight loss journey has proven to her that if she can do it once, she can do it again.