‘How I lost 31cm of body fat in 6 weeks without dieting’

‘How I lost 31cm of body fat in 6 weeks without dieting’

In just six short weeks, Danielle was able to lose all her stubborn body fat and gain lean muscle. Here she shares her secrets.

Prior to her incredible weight loss transformation, clinical nurse Danielle had let her diet and exercise routine go by the wayside.

“I stopped exercising and food consisted of whatever I could find or buy. It was less than ideal,” she tells body+soul.

Due to the nature of her shift work, the 27-year old found it difficult to dedicate time towards a healthier lifestyle.“My shift times commenced anywhere between 7.00 am in the morning to 10.45 pm in the evening.”

She claims “poor diet, no exercise and constant excuses” was what prompted her weight gain. “I became very lazy with my diet and was struggling to fit time in to exercise. I have a huge passion for dancing which was my form of exercise, however, I periodically stopped that as well as I was “too busy.””

The lack of healthy habits saw her weight eventually soar to 63.7 kgs.

“My clothes were starting to become very tight. In particular, I was struggling to get my jeans on and my tops were becoming really tight around my arms. This had never happened to me before, I have always been able to maintain my weight,” she recalls. “It was also starting to affect my self-esteem and mental health.”

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Lifestyle changes Danielle implemented

Danielle was determined to turn her life around. She signed up to Fitesque’s six-week burlesque body transformation challenge, and then began to make large amendments to her diet.

“I cut all refined sugar out of my diet, I also started cooking all of my own meals and I increased my water intake.

“Fitesque also provided me with a 7-day meal plan from week to week,” she explains. “This helped me so much as I didn’t have to think about what to cook. I followed the recipes, which were super easy to cook and delicious as well.”

Danielle also had the support and encouragement from the Fitesque team, who helped her persist through the most difficult times.

“It just makes you want to go that little bit further each day. There is also a Facebook group that I was added into which includes everyone participating in Fitesque. This group is full of positivity and encouragement from other women who are on the same journey as you.,” the 27-year-old added. “It’s great to know that you have a tribe of like-minded women behind you.”

Here’s what a day on a plate looks like for Danielle…

Breakfast: A bowl of oats with a little bit of honey or maple syrup, and an espresso coffee with almond milk or skim milk.

Lunch: Salads are my go-to with a source of protein, which is usually chicken.

Dinner: Vegetarian pastas or curries.

Snacks and dessert: Plain rice cakes with some avocado or tuna on them OR Greek yoghurt with a little bit of honey mixed into it OR a piece of fruit OR nice cream from the Fitesque meal plan.

Danielle’s current exercise routine

Danielle has now made exercise a priority despite her busy working life, and aims to exercise “four to five days per week” for 20 minutes each session.

“If I am on an early shift, I come home and get changed straight into my activewear. I complete a Fitesque Full Body Workout followed by the monthly challenge,” she explains. “If I am on a late shift- I like to complete this in the morning and I will also try and add in a 30-minute walk.”

Danielle also listens to a mindfulness podcast, which she claims is perfect for “stress relief and it also helps me sleep”.

Her advice to others

By making the above changes, Danielle has lost an impressive 5.2 kgs and five per cent body fat.

“I lost a total of 5.2kg and 31cm. My weight now is 58.5kg and this took me only 6-weeks by following the Fitesque 6-Week Transformation Challenge.”

While she faced many challenges along the way, Danielle has proven to herself that “anything is truly possible.”

“You can do anything that you set your mind to do,” she stresses. “I believe that your mind is a very powerful tool. There are also no excuses.”