‘How I lost 12kg and mentally recovered from my traumatic pregnancy’

‘How I lost 12kg and mentally recovered from my traumatic pregnancy’

After enduring a childbirth that left her pelvic floor in pieces, Rebecca turned to food for comfort and suffered with post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. But she managed to quickly turn her life around and lose 12kg following Chris Hemsworth’s fitness program.

Rebecca Check was healthy, fit and strong.

As a competitive freestyle jet skier, she was front squatting double 32kg kettlebells, deadlifting 140kg on a straight bar and could even do 10 pull-ups.

But her health came tumbling down when she endured a traumatic childbirth, which tore her pelvic floor “to pieces”.

“I prolapsed in all direction, had no bowel or bladder control. I was broken mentally and physically,” the 37-year-old tells Body+Soul.

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She suffered with post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, which caused her to turn to food for comfort.

“I was really down and out, eating away my sadness, I was angry and had a really negative outlook, and I got angry for no reason and took a lot out on my husband,” she recalls.

“I also had to have reconstructive surgery and was told I would probably never be able to train again. That broke me – training was my happy place.”

Luckily, Rebecca found a surgeon who informed her she’d be able to return to training – but she’d be starting from square one, which left her “disheartened”.

The kilos quickly piled on and before she knew it, Rebecca weighed reached 88kg. After seeing a photo of herself by the pool and breaking down and the larger woman in the picture, she was determined to get her health back on track.

The mother-of-one signed up to Chris Hemsworth’s fitness program Centr and in 10 months she lost 12kg and dropped four dress sizes.

Here’s how Rebecca did it.

Rebecca’s diet

“I have cleaned up my diet, loosely following the Centr menu but also experiencing less binge and emotional eating, but I do still treat myself from time to time,” she explains.

Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her…

Breakfast: A yoghurt OR shake to-go

Lunch: A form of salad OR finely sliced veggies and a bit of stock and rice noodles.

Dinner: A Centr meal.

Snacks: Nuts OR bliss balls OR some form of healthy slice OR a healthy doughnut.

Rebecca’s exercise routine

Rebecca was given the all clear to exercise at the beginning of her weight loss journey, and now works out six days a week.

“I have been following the Centr programs which work well for me. In between programs I have stuck to the planner and enjoyed the variety of workouts in the weight loss stream, each session can range from around 25-45 minutes depending on what’s in the day’s planner.”

Rebecca on the biggest lessons she learnt

Now, Rebecca knows the importance of listening to her body and recovering when needed.

“My whole way of thinking has changed,” she explains. “It’s not about lifting heavy.”

She’s also learnt to love the woman she now sees in the mirror.

“I no longer hate the person that looks back at me in the mirror. I’m so proud of how hard I have worked, how hard I have pushed. I can’t bear a day without doing something, and I get to sweat the day’s crap out of my system again. My relationship is better, my life is better.”

Her core strength has also “grown incredibly.”

She went “from not being able to do flutter kicks without my hip flexors taking over, to doing the whole 50-seconds with straight legs”.

“My pelvic floor is stronger – it now actually turns on when it’s supposed to – and then off (it used to spasm and stay on). I can do push ups that in all my years of training I could never do – and not only push ups, but 50 billion types of push ups.

“My core is working properly finally, and I can do full push-up burpees which I couldn’t do before.”

Rebecca on her best advice to others trying to lose weight

“Small steps, focus on small goals and forget about the weight.

“Find something that you enjoy and motivates you. The Centr Facebook community has been great for motivating and creating friendships from all over the world. These friendships are what have pushed me through some days where I didn’t want to work out, and I really do feel like I have my own little fitness family.”

And lastly, remember the scales don’t tell the full story.

“Don’t look at the scales; take progress photos as the scales can be so misleading.”

For more information on Centr, head here.