‘COVID lockdowns helped me lose 24kg and take control of my lifestyle’

‘COVID lockdowns helped me lose 24kg and take control of my lifestyle’

2020 made Alaxzandra say ‘enough is enough’. At 108.5kg, the 23-year-old decided to make the most of a six-week free trial with Chris Hemsworth’s Centr Fit and lost 24kg. 

The COVID lockdowns led to a lot of us gaining weight; working from home and being that much closer to the fridge and pantry coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle resulted in what was colloquially known as the ‘COVID kilos’ or ‘quarantine 15’.

Not for Alaxzandra, though. For her entire life, she’d been overweight.

“Bad eating habits were enforced on me as a child and growing up I sunk into those habits and continued to eat unhealthy foods and would very rarely exercise,” she tells Body+Soul.

It was in high school where she first tried to lose weight but says she “went about it in an unhealthy way and was practically starving myself”, causing her to develop an eating disorder.

While at university, she tried a few “fad diets” and they worked initially, but like all fad diets, they weren’t sustainable.

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“After a month or two I would always give up on these crash diets and would then end up heavier than I had been previously once I started eating proper food again,” Alaxzandra reflects.

“I used to eat a lot of carbs and fatty foods, I was pretty much addicted to sugar… I’d have takeout multiple days a week, I’d always overeat at home, hardly ever ate vegetables, would eat chocolate nearly every day, and would snack way too often.”

One day, she resigned to the idea that she would be overweight for the rest of her life, and instead tried to focus on “loving my curves”, but to not much avail. Her self-esteem was still suffering.

At the beginning of 2020, with her heaviest weight of 108.5kg, the 23-year-old decided that “enough was enough”, that she would eat healthily and exercise daily. But it wasn’t until COVID quarantines hit in March that made her look at programs online to see what would make her stick to her goal.

Chris Hemsworth’s Centr Fit app was offering a six-week free trial, so Alaxzandra signed up. And after six months and shedding 24kg, she hasn’t looked back.

“I generally feel so much fitter and healthier,” she says.

“I have managed to stick to this program for so long now as I’m highly enjoying what I do each day, but also by allowing myself to eat a small piece of chocolate when I feel like it or having an occasional bowl of pasta.”

Her days include a highly varied diet of quality proteins, healthy fats, wholegrain carbs, and lots of veggies. She also works out most days, with a mix of HIIT, boxing, Pilates, and functional training, whatever her Centr Fit program is offering up that day.

“I have found a new love for HIIT and MMA in particular and love constantly moving and getting my heart rate up,” she says.

“As well as physically, I have changed a lot mentally. I am so much more positive about everything including myself now, and I feel fantastic and energised every day.”

The biggest lesson she’s learnt are determination and willpower, even if there are rough days where she’s wanted to quit.

“If you stay motivated and determined, you can achieve anything,” Alaxzandra says.

“I am definitely the happiest I have been in a long time and my advice to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle is to just get in and do it, you won’t regret it.”

Alaxzandra’s day on a plate


Generally includes a nutritional meal replacement shake or smoothie.


A healthy bar, wrap, or fruits.


A dish of meat and veggies (for example a stir fry).


Berries for a sweet, light dessert after dinner.