Couple loses 55kg in 3 months intermittent fasting

Couple loses 55kg in 3 months intermittent fasting

Troy and Leslea were stuck in a bit of a loop. On the weekend, they’d make promises to each other they’d get in shape, but by Tuesday, their old eating habits were back. One Friday night, that all changed. 

It’s not every day, in fact very rarely, do promises made to our mates or loved ones after a few drinks ever come to fruition, but for Troy and Leslea, it’s what kick-started their fitness journey.

This particular Friday started out like any other, “having a drink, eating KFC, pretzels, chocolate” and “huge servings of pork belly or hamburgers for dinner”. Most weeks would consist of three to four nights of takeaway dinners and sedentary evenings.

They’d made promises to get in shape to each other before, but “normally by Tuesday we would be devouring cheese, chips, dips and lollies in front of Netflix” again and nothing seemed to stick past a few days.

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“I was already very overweight but became worse with added personal stress a few years ago which caused us both to be really bad stress eaters and drinkers. We would indulge in all the bad foods and drinks that were available,” tryo tells Body+Soul.

At his heaviest, Troy was 160kg and Leslea, 85kg. Before their transformation, they described themselves as being “very boring”, having low self-esteem, and doing “no exercise at all, except for walking to the fridge or the car.”

But this time, one Friday night in April, something snapped. They came across the 28 by Sam Wood program and they immediately felt inspired. They decided that the following Saturday night would be their last hurrah, and they signed up for the program the next morning.

Three months later and the pair lost a combined total of 55kg (Leslea 15kg and Troy 40kg).

Troy and Leslea’s current diet

With nutrition and exercise guidance, they’ve cut out refined sugar, preservatives, fried foods and alcohol.

“We poured it all down the kitchen sink, much to the shock of onlookers, but we needed to remove the temptation from the house,” says Troy.

“We followed Sam’s meal plan and a couple of weeks in we decided to give intermittent fasting a try and it worked for us. We stick to the eating plan but only eat between 12pm and 7pm,” he continues.

“This really aided our weight loss journey. A typical day includes loads of vegetables, whole foods, no processed food, no bad sugars and apart from Sam’s snacks.”

They’ve taken “a real fancy” to the natural sweetness of raspberries and blueberries instead of lollies.

Their exercise routine

Troy and Leslea do Sam’s 28-minute workouts, on top of walking or jogging, every day. But they’ve also fallen in love with bushwalking and the spectacular scenery while getting some fresh air.

“We have been exploring Victorian parks and trails and have realised how lucky we are with so many beautiful places to explore,” says Troy.

What’s more, and while neither of them has ever considered themselves runners, they’ve committed to doing a fun run and can, “albeit slowly” go 5km without stopping.

Their advice to others

While their journey has not been without its challenges, Troy and Leslea say there are both mental and physical hurdles you have to overcome.

The journey was tough, but the 28 by Sam Wood community also encouraged and supported them at every step of the way.

The couple has grown in resilience and “when the little voice inside starts saying ‘I can’t’, we conquer it and we get it done.”

For more information on 28 by Sam Wood, head over to their site here.