‘I lost 10kg in 10 weeks by not eating after 7pm’

Feeling tired, uncomfortable and self-conscious, Catherine made small and manageable lifestyle changes to drop 10kg. When Catherine looked back over photos from the Christmas holidays in January, she “didn’t really like” what she saw. “I felt that I looked ugly and unhappy,” she says. “I was the heaviest I’d ever been at 85.4kg, none of…Read More

‘I lost 68kg after not leaving the house for 40 years’

With diminishing self-confidence and growing depression, Maria’s sons encourage her to join Lite n’ Easy, and 14 months later, she has made tremendous progress in her weight loss journey.  Before Maria embarked on her weight loss journey, she was eating “whatever I wanted and it was usually rubbish,” she tells Body+Soul. Chips, greasy food, burgers,…Read More

those weight loss supplements don’t work

Long marketed as the boost your body needs in its weight loss journey, a huge study has shown there is insufficient evidence that diet supplements actually work. In the first global analysis of the effectiveness of herbal and dietary weight loss supplements, researchers have found little evidence to support their claims, in an industry that’s…Read More

The 5 most likely reasons why you’re not losing weight

With weight loss the most commonly cited health-related goal, it is not surprising that losing weight is a popular topic of conversation. But are you doing it right? Dietitian Susie Burrell explains. Despite the ever-increasing number of diets, and more weight loss advice available than ever before, few of us ever achieve the weight loss…Read More