Charlotte’s 50kg weight loss journey

Halving her weight and rediscovering her self-esteem, this registered nurse shares her inspiring story. Two and a half years ago, Charlotte didn’t feel good about herself. She’d struggled with her weight since before she could remember and while she would pretend she wasn’t bothered by the judgement and cruelty of others, even strangers, her self-esteem…Read More

When we lose fat, where does it go?

We know there are certain things we can do to lose weight. But I wanted to know what actually happens to those fat cells at a molecular level, so I spoke with Mackenzie Blakey, program and research lead for Body Fit Training. Sophie Hanson spends a lot of time thinking about weird things. And she’s pretty…Read More

5 surprising reasons you might not be losing weight

Trying EVERYTHING and just don’t see those kgs shifting?  Trainer and founder of VARLAH, Lexy Meyerson explains what you could be doing wrong.  We all know that losing stubborn weight and keeping it off can be challenging. Not everyone wants to live off salad and long exercise sessions and there’s emerging research to suggest that…Read More

Pinterest has just banned all weight loss ads

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, there’s been a significant increase in unhealthy eating habits in the wake of COVID. With that in mind, Pinterest has moved to ban all weight loss language and images from its platform. COVID kilos. Quarantine 15. Whatever you want to call the weight you may have put on…Read More