Bacon-scented ‘meat patch’ exists to help vegans fight cravings

Bacon-scented ‘meat patch’ exists to help vegans fight cravings

The world’s first meat-patch is currently been tested to help newly committed vegans satisfy their meat cravings. 

A patch infused with the scent of fried bacon has been developed with the aim of helping people who have chosen to adopt a plant-based diet to curb their meat cravings.

Created by scientist Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, collaborated with plant-based food company Strong Roots to create the device.

All newly-committed-vegans have to do is wear the patch on their arm, and scratch at it to release the fried bacon smell when they’re craving the porky product. In theory, Professor Spence says this will help satisfy their appetite and stop them from indulging in the meaty food.

“Studies have shown that scent can reduce food cravings,” Spence told The Independent.

“Our sense of smell is strongly connected to our ability to taste therefore experiencing food related cues such as smelling bacon aroma, can lead us to imagine the act of eating that food. Imagine eating enough bacon and you might find yourself sated.”

As innovative as it sounds, it’s already received criticism.

“This surely can’t be an actual thing,” one person tweeted.​

Another one replied: “If you need a bacon patch to eat plants you need to spend some more time working on you.”

Unfortunately Aussies won’t be able to get their hands on the product soon. The patch is still been tested in towns across England and if successful, Strong Roots hopes the product will become more widely-available to in the future.

And even if you’re not vegan or have no intention of saying goodbye to meat, it might just help you lay off the bacon a tad, right?