How going on a dog-food diet changed my lifestyle

When writer Dannielle Miller rescued a dog during lockdown, she could never have predicted that taking care of a pet would prompt her to make huge improvements to her own approach to diet and exercise. As I stood in my kitchen sautéing mushrooms in coconut oil, ready to add these to the containers of turkey,…Read More

Why you may not be losing that stubborn belly fat

Feeling like you’re doing everything right but that belly fat just isn’t budging? It could be a pesky little stress hormone known as cortisol. Flow Athletic director Ben Lucas explains how cortisol affects weight loss and what you can do about it. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that helps to regulate a wide range of…Read More

Why we’re banning ‘bikini bodies’ this summer

They may masquerade as motivational quotes, but phrases like “bikini body” and “beach body” are causing thousands of Australian women to shy away from the water. Here’s why it’s time to retire those words for good. For some, the beginning of swimsuit season isn’t a time to celebrate – it’s a time to hide. “For…Read More