Another reason the Mediterranean diet could help you lose weight

Another reason the Mediterranean diet could help you lose weight

We all know that overeating is a particular no-no when it comes to losing or maintaining weight – not to mention a sure fire way to put on weight when you don’t want it or least expect it. It happens to us all time to time accidentally, but a new study has suggested that those following a Mediterranean diet are less likely to overeat than people on a Western-style diet.

The study, conducted by scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine and published the journal Obesity, found that a Mediterranean-style diet may deter people from eating more than they need.

The Wake Forest School of Medicine study was carried out with nonhuman primates over the course of 38-months (equivalent to about 9 years for humans) as a prevention trial for obesity-related diseases.

The diets used in the trial were designed to reflect human diets as much as possible, with plant sources providing the protein and fat in the Mediterranean diet, and animal sources providing the nutrients in the Western diet.

The nonhuman primates involved in the study on the Mediterranean diet chose not to eat all the food available to them and therefore maintained a normal weight.

“By comparison, the animals on a Western diet ate far more than they needed and gained weight,” said the study’s principal investigator, Carol A. Shively, Ph.D., professor of pathology at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

“The Western diet was developed and promoted by companies who want us to eat their food, so they make it hyper-palatable, meaning it hits all our buttons so we overconsume. Eating a Mediterranean diet should allow people to enjoy their food and not overeat, which is such a problem.”

“We hope our findings will encourage people to eat healthier foods that are also enjoyable, and improve human health.”