28 by Sam Wood: Simple tricks that helped me lose 8kg in 8 weeks

28 by Sam Wood: Simple tricks that helped me lose 8kg in 8 weeks

Alyce gained back her body confidence and lost 8.6 kg in a short two months just by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

Before her life-altering transformation, Alyce struggled with female health issues.

In the past three years, she experienced many miscarriages, with November 2019 being the latest incident.

“I was very broken and as a result I began to emotionally eat to try and mask the emotions I was feeling. I wasn’t exercising regularly, and when I did, I didn’t have the energy or the motivation to complete it,” explained Alyce.

The business owner was in a toxic cycle, which she found difficult to overcome.

She added: “I was eating foods that were not good for my body – chocolate, lollies, ice cream, unhealthy takeaway food.”

Due to the trauma of the miscarriages, Alyce was grieving, lacked motivation and turned to emotional eating for comfort which in return prompted her weight gain. Since her pregnancy in 2015, she had not been over 70 kgs, but the unhealthy lifestyle she led post-miscarriages triggered a weight gain – her highest being 73.9 kg.

The tipping point for Alyce was when she felt uncomfortable with the way she looked and none of her clothes fit her. She began to distance herself from the world and “was not socialising with friends.”

Until she had a moment of inspiration.

“One day I was crying to my husband and saying that my confidence was really low, and I had lost hope for ever trying for another baby again,” she said.

“He reminded me of what our obstetrician said: “It’s a big knock to take, and the question you have to ask yourself is: will you have the courage to stand up and try again?” And I thought to myself that I’m the only one who can change how I’m feeling and what I look like.”

Having been a previous user of Sam Wood’s 28 by Sam Wood fitness program, she decided to give the 8-week challenge a try.

“Not only did I want to lose the weight and find my confidence again, but I also wanted to win that $10,000 for my family and fertility treatment. As a role model to my daughter, I wanted her to see me as being confident, and being brave.”

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Her current diet

From the moment the challenge started, Alyce was invested. She even managed to adjust the meal plan to suit herself and her family.

“I followed the 28 food plan – switching around meals where needed based on what food my family and I liked more.”

As someone who was not the most confident at cooking, she explains the recipes were “so simple and easy to follow”. Through her health food journey, she was even able to pick up more cooking skills.

Here’s what a day on a plate looks like to her…

Breakfast: Smoothies from the plan or the sourdough toast topper.

Lunch: Usually leftovers from the day before, or tuna, avo, cherry tomato and red onion salad.

Dinner: Whatever is in the plan or her favourite dish: coconut fish curry.

Snacks: Bliss balls, nuts or snack recipes from the plan.

Her exercise routine

For the first few weeks, Alyce focused on altering her busy timetable to fit in her workouts.

“I started getting up earlier to do them in the morning, but on nights where I didn’t get enough sleep, I would fit the workout in the afternoon. I even did one at 10pm one night because I didn’t want to miss one.”

She really enjoyed the fact that the workouts were fun and only 28-minutes long.

“My daughter also did the exercises with me, which was super cute to watch and motivating for me.”

Now Alyce workouts everyday, and takes active “rest” days on the weekends.

“I do my 28 workout daily, and active recovery on the weekends, also on the plan. I also added a few fast paced walks in the morning when I had the time.”

By tweaking her diet and exercise regime through Sam Wood’s 8-week challenge, Alyce lost 8.6 kg and now weighs 65.3 kg.

But the reduced numbers on the scale hasn’t been the only benefit. “Not only have I lost fat, but I have also gained more muscle and toned my body.” she said.

Her advice to others

Despite the many challenges Alyce faced along the way, she has never given up on her wellness journey.

Through her healthy eating and active lifestyle, she has become the best person – and mum – she can be.

“We are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. Being a mum I also found it hard making myself a priority for those 28-minutes, without getting mum guilt. But that quickly went away when I became a happier, patient mum – due to doing the workouts and eating well,” she said.

“You are in control of your life. If you are not happy, make the change. Believe in yourself. Doesn’t matter when you start, just make a start.”