‘I’ve lost 45kg and I still get to eat burgers’

Experts say that not depriving yourself is the key to healthy, sustainable weight loss. Leisa managed to lose 45kg while not entirely giving up the foods she enjoyed.  Before Leisa embarked on her weight loss journey, her cravings primarily dictated what she ate. “I would eat whatever I wanted. All the fast-food chains would feature…Read More

‘Proper meal planning helped me lose 29kg’

Usually pretty healthy, Melissa’s sweet tooth meant she had a weakness for chocolate bullets. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet not only made meal planning easy, but she could avoid the ‘naughty’ aisle at the supermarket.  Melissa had always had a reasonably healthy diet, but she also loved to bake and admits to having a sweet…Read More

‘I lost 12kg by eating more’

Eating more and losing weight seems counter-intuitive, but when Sasha went on CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet, she realised her lifestyle was lacking in variety.  Sasha always knew how to eat well, but as an avid runner with a full-time job, and being the mother of two young children who had just embarked on a PhD,…Read More

‘I lost 15kg with Chris Hemsworth’s Centr app’

A full-time uni student/volunteer firefighter (what a legend) takes us through her weight loss journey to being 15kg lighter, with a little help from Thor himself.   Ellie admits she’s always “had a complex” with weight. Living on a farm in rural, Far North Queensland, she found herself outside a lot; riding horses and walking the…Read More

‘I stopped fad dieting and lost 43kg’

At 130kg, Samantha had a history of yo-yo dieting. But after a series of ‘ah-ha’ moments on a holiday to Vietnam helped her turn a corner.  Samantha has always been a yo-yo dieter: either razer focused on health and fitness or overindulging in afternoon sweets, doughnuts for breakfast, and emotional eating. It wasn’t always that…Read More