9 reasons to eat less meat

The days of a meal being meat-and-three-veg are long gone as we embrace the delicious bounty that vegetables have to offer. Not only is it good for our waistlines, it’s also good for the planet.  Australians are the sixth biggest consumers of meat after South American countries and the USA, eating around 95kg of meat…Read More

succeed by choosing your own intensity level

Dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers looks at the “sliding scale” of intermittent fasting and reveals the key to its success in this edited extract from her new book, The 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Plan. I like to think of 16:8 intermittent fasting (16 hours of fasting with an eight-hour window for meals) as a sliding scale.…Read More

21 ways to feel good in your birthday suit

21 ways to feel good in your birthday suit It’s our 21st anniversary, and wellness has come a long, LONG way. To celebrate Body+Soul’s coming of age, we’re revisiting the cover story theme from our first issue in February 2000. With age comes wisdom, and we now know there’s nothing sexier than confidence, so here…Read More

‘I lost 10kg after quitting takeaway and snacking’

Unsuccessful rounds of IVF caused Jessica from NSW to slump into a period of not eating well and she hated exercise. But by joining 28 by Sam Wood, the 30-year-old took back control of her lifestyle and lost 10.5kg.  Jessica laughs about her attitude towards exercise before her weight loss journey. She remembers the “biggest…Read More

What is your waist measurement trying to tell you?

Your waistline can tell you a lot about your health. If you’ve noticed it inexplicably expanding in more recent times, dietitian and nutritionist Susie Burrel explains the reasons this may be the case.  While we constantly talk about body weight as a marker of health, our waist measurement can also tell us a whole lot…Read More

How Chris Hemworth’s stunt double got into Thor shape

We often read about the transformations celebrities undergo for roles, but what about their stunt doubles? Chris Hemsworth’s stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton spills his workout regime and day on a plate.  Celebrities undergo incredible physical transformations for certain roles, but what we often forget, especially if it’s an action movie, is another person will have…Read More