‘I lost 22kg after my pregnancy’

Busy mother-of-three, Adele Fiene adopted the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and saw incredible results in just five months. Here’s how she did it.  From a young age, Adele Fiene pursued an active lifestyle. Up until her 30th birthday, she claims she “was extremely active, playing several sports a week, running regularly and getting plenty of…Read More

‘How I lost nearly 4kg in 2 weeks’

Busy mum Kerryn explains how she managed to lose more than 4kgs, while still maintaining her career and demanding family life.  Similar to a lot of busy mums, Kerryn was struggling to find time to fit in proper eating habits and regular exercise. Before embarking on her weight loss transformation, the 38-year old early parenting…Read More

‘Meal prepping helped me lose 11kg’

Penni Bowd always thought she was too busy to shop and cook, but when she decided something had to change she realised being prepared was the key to long-term weight loss.  Working around the clock thanks to shift work meant I was too tired to be bothered shopping for ingredients and cooking healthy meals. I…Read More

Man loses 181kg, then regains it all

David went from shedding all his weight in two years and becoming a well-renowned personal trainer, to gaining it all back in a couple of years. Losing weight is not just a one-step challenge. There’s the weight loss, and then comes the bigger hurdle – keeping it off. It’s the stage many people don’t consider…Read More